Staged Release Notes

Today we are releasing 15.10 and doing some spring cleaning of the Knowledge Base! With this release we are focusing on the look-and-feel of the Knowledge Base, as well as some bug fixes.

We've updated the styling of the Knowledge Base so that it matches the rest of the product, as well as enhancing the visualization of the various sections within an article.

Along with improving the readability of our Knowledge Base articles, there have been several enhancements to the features of the Knowlege Base itself including: (emphasize here or further down: pagination, quick search emphasis, subscriptions, other UI changes) the quick search page being restructured to include commonly accessed categories as buttons rather than a list, the pagination of the lists of categories and knowledge articles, and ability to one-click archive articles.

On the subject of user experience: We have added the Knowledge Base article name to Issue forms using the Knowledge Base Article Links field for easier referrence back to the article in question.

Additionally, we are including some performance improvements and bug fixes with this release.

Keep reading to find out more!

What's New

Knowledge Base

Subscribe to knowledge base articles

Users will now have the ability to subscribe to knowledge base articles in order to receive notifications from any updates to the subscribed article.

One-click archive

Users with the permissions Sys Admin or Can access and maintain Administration functions will now have a new option for "Archive" in the right quick menu when viewing or editing a knowledge base article, clicking on this link will prompt a confirmation to archive the selected article.

If confirmed, the fillowing changes will be made to the article:

  • The prefix "ARCHIVE - " will be added to the article title.
  • The article will be set to Private.
  • The article category will be changed to "Archive", "Archived", or "Archives" if any of these categories already exist in your site. If none of the above already exist, then a new "Archive" category will be created and the article will be set to this category.
  • Any sub-categories on the article will be removed.


The list of all KB articles is now paginated. This should vastly improve the performance for sites that have hundreds or even thousands of KB articles!

Card-based UI layout

You'll notice that the knowledge base UI has largely been changed to a card-based layout, which makes it much easier to visually separate article content from article metadata on the same screen. We also think that this UI change is a bit more favorable than the old view when you look at the Categories list screen.

Quick Search

A quick search function has been added to the KB, allowing you to search for article numbers or content using the same field!


You might recall we have the ability to link a Knowledge Base article to an issue for easy referrence. Previously this link would only have the Article number for the article in question, now we have added the Article Title to the field so both the article number and the article title are visible from the issue.

What's Changed

Software Dependencies

We've updated some of the underlying software dependencies that help Issuetrak run:

  • jQuery
What's Fixed

Incoming Email

  • Issuetrak instances that used Office365 mailboxes for incoming email were processing the newest messages in the mailbox first, rather than the oldest.

Knowledge Base

  • Sites with a very large number of Articles or Categories would potentially experience performance delays when attempting to list all articles or categories from their associated List pages. We have added paging to the Article List and the Category List pages so that the product does not attempt to compile a complete list on a single page. 


  • Attempting to sort projects by the Required By date would sort incorrectly.

Scheduled Reports

  • Scheduled reports that were delivered in Excel format were including HTML in the cells as text.