About the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a user-specified display of At-A-Glance statistics regarding open issues. A user must have Dashboard permissions within their Menu Options / Pages Allowed to view the Dashboard. If Issue Classes are enabled, selecting a Class in the Show Class drop-down in the upper right corner will filter the issues displayed on the Dashboard to that particular Class.


The Dashboard may be used as your Home Page. Otherwise, it is accessible from the left menu. Once the Dashboard is open there is the option for Dashboard Settings where you can set your own Dashboard preferences in the top right.

Certain Dashboard reports provide additional display options when viewed from the Dashboard itself. These options are presented as icons in the upper right-hand corner of each report, and they can be toggled to change how the reports appear to the user. For example, when an icon is dark, it has been enabled.


The above image will result in the report having both graph and chart data displayed for the user. When the icon is lighter, the option has been disabled.


The above image will result in the report only showing the data in graph form.

Please note that the video below contains navigation steps and naming conventions that apply to versions prior to Issuetrak 14. The actual use of the features depicted remains largely unchanged. You may also notice that the terminology displayed in this video differs from what you see in your instance of Issuetrak.