How to Reset a Password

This article explains the various methods a password reset can be performed for a user’s account.

There are three methods with which a password can be changed depending on the configuration of the Issuetrak site and the permissions granted to the users and/or administrators.

  1. Using Active Directory, a user can reset their password using the company-approved password reset method, once reset, the user will be able to log in with the new password.
  2. An Administrator or User Admin can perform a password reset from within the Issuetrak site. Please see the steps below to perform this procedure.
  3. The user can perform a Self-Help Password Reset if the feature is enabled.

If you are using Active Directory or AD FS for your authentication, only the first option will be available for use.                                           


Permissions and Requirements

In order to have the ability to perform a Self-Help Password Reset the following requirements must be met:

  • The user permission Can change own password must be enabled on the user profile.
  • The user must have a valid email address populated in their profile.
  • The user’s profile must not be set to suppress all emails.
  • The site must have the Outgoing Email enabled.
  • The site must have the setting Activate Self Service Password Reset enabled.

In order to be able to change a password on behalf of another user, the Administrator must have one of the following permissions enabled for their account:

  • Sys Admin
  • Can access and maintain Administration functions
  • Can access and maintain users in this user's Organizations


Administrator Password Reset

Administrators and Organization Administrators have the ability to perform a password reset on behalf of a user or can also send an email to have the user perform their own password reset.


  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right > click on Users beneath Entities.
  2. Locate and edit the user’s account.
  3. On the right context menu, there is a link to Change Password.

You will be presented with 2 options for a password reset.

Option 1: Set a password manually.
  1. Fill out the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, paying attention to the password requirements fields that will change from red to green as the requirements are met.
  2. Confirm that you want to change the user’s password by entering the password for the administrator’s account that is currently performing the password reset in the Authorize Password Change box.
  3. Once all 3 fields are filled out, click on Continue to change the password.

A confirmation message will appear once the process is complete.

Option 2: Send an email to the user.
  1. Select the option Let the user change their password (sends an email).
  2. Click on Continue.
  3. This will send the email and the user would follow the same steps as the Self-Service Password Reset as though they had clicked on the Forgot / Reset your password? option on the login screen.

A confirmation message will appear once the process is complete.

To see this section and have the option to send an email, the User must have permission Can change own password, have an email address populated on their user profile, and the system setting for Self-Service Password Reset must be enabled.