Entered Date vs Submitted Date

Users with the appropriate permission can change the “Submitted Date” while submitting an issue. This article provides an explanation of the difference between the "Submitted Date" and "Entered Date."

Entered Date

This is the “actual” date/time when the issue was submitted and will reflect the current date/time of when the issue was submitted inside Issuetrak.

Submitted Date

This is the date/time that was manually inputted on the issue using the “Submit Date” fields. If the “Submit Date” field on the submit screen was not altered or the user does not have the permission to change the "Submitted Date," then the "Submitted Date" will match the "Entered Date."

To retrieve this information for a particular issue, the following SQL query can be run:

SELECT IssueNbr, SubmittedDate, EnteredDate
FROM Issues
WHERE IssueNbr = XXX