Rich Text Editor Limitations for Copying and Pasting


You may find that images from certain sources, such as Microsoft products, cannot be copied and pasted into Issuetrak's Rich Text Editor (RTE). No error will appear. The image simply won't paste into the editing area.


There is a limitation with the Rich Text Editor we utilize in Issuetrak. We selected our editor, TinyMCE, because they are a leader in this space. Unfortunately, TinyMCE has elected to support this functionality in a higher tier than we have currently licensed, and we are unable to pass the cost of implementing this onto you, our customers.


We are going to investigate whether there are alternative Rich Text Editors we can implement in replacement of TinyMCE.


If you encounter problems with pasting images into Issuetrak's RTE, you can use Microsoft's Snipping Tool to capture the image to the clipboard and then paste it into the RTE instead.