The Benefits of Customer Training

When you purchased Issuetrak software, you had a specific problem that needed to be resolved. Setting up your system and training your team are critical steps toward implementing Issuetrak successfully. And, if you’re the system administrator, you’re probably responsible for all of the above. Studies show that when customers are better trained, they get more out of the software. And the more they get out of the software, the longer they’ll remain customers.
Additionally, well-trained customers are happier.

How do you learn the intricacies of how to set up your Issuetrak site? That’s where our Professional Services team members come in.

"When we enter your world we become immersed in how you operate and what you actually need to do."

Mike Wright
Issuetrak Senior Consultant


What Type of Training is Best for You

You can do training sessions via remote web sessions or have one of our consultants come out to your location. Since these sessions or onsite visits are specific to your company, the team can focus on your goals.

The web sessions, collectively known as Implementation, give you a brief walkthrough of every feature within Issuetrak. During your first session, our consultants will talk with you about your goals and the challenges your business is trying to resolve. They will make suggestions on which features to enable and pull on their decades of experience to guide you through which structural entities are best for your business. Subsequent sessions explain more about how features interact and any best practices on their configuration. These sessions work great if you’re already familiar with tracking software, or have a finite goal in mind.

Onsite visits allow you to spend time with our consultants face to face and build real relationships with them. With no time constraints, information flows freely back and forth. In addition to going over comparable material from the Implementation sessions, all stakeholders can get a chance to have input on any future business plans that might impact the Issuetrak implementation. Sometimes, customers find that there are additional ways that Issuetrak can help their business, beyond their initial goals. These visits are perfect for larger implementations or anyone who wants more detailed assistance and training during the configuration process.

Several customers have opted to do both. This allows you to begin to transfer information with your consultant while getting the basics handled during the Implementation portion. Normally, you’ll have your first two Implementation sessions, followed by the onsite visit, with a follow-up web session after the consultant leaves. The Implementation portion is basically the same, although it may be slowed down to accommodate more detailed information to be shared. Then, during the subsequent onsite visit, that time can be used for detailed consulting and assistance building out more advanced configuration pieces, such as workflow processes.

Ultimately, you decide which training works for you and your company. Former Issuetrak Senior Consultant Paul Harris used to say, “I’m here to find out how you need to use Issuetrak and give you the best recommendations to make that happen.”


The Importance of Ongoing Training

There are three main reasons why you would want to consider ongoing training:

1. Issuetrak adds new features

All cloud customers, as well as on-premises customers with valid maintenance plus agreements, have access to all updates and upgrades that Issuetrak makes. With those upgrades come new features or changes in current functionality. While the new features may not impact your business directly, there may be other times where you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest options. With hourly consulting available, you can spend as little as an hour or as long as you need to go over the best way to implement features into your existing Issuetrak site.

2. Turnover in administrators or agents

Staff turnover is a way of life. It’s possible that the original administrator of Issuetrak is no longer with the company, or perhaps the main agents that used Issuetrak have moved on to other positions. With new employees coming on board or changing positions, as part of their training, you can set up some time with Issuetrak’s consultants to review any gaps in knowledge. Issuetrak offers a two-hour remote session called a Tune-Up that’s perfect for new administrator training.

3. Change in business needs

Business needs change over time. Other departments may see the benefit you get from Issuetrak and may want to see whether it can help them as well. Even if you know exactly how to configure or adjust your Issuetrak site for your needs, other groups coming into the site may need a different feature or tweak to the structural settings that you’re not familiar with. An hour with the team can tell you how easy or difficult the changes will be. Longer consulting engagements or onsite visits allow our consultants to be with you every step of the way.

Because your company is unique, your sales engineer can discuss which options will work best for your company. Or you can reach out directly to the Professional Services team.

"You can pull on our knowledge of Issuetrak and best practices to work for you."

Mike Wright
Issuetrak Senior Consultant