Issue Handling


Mass Updates
This article describes how to update a large number of specific issues (Mass Update), as well as how to delete a large number of specific issues (Mass Delete).
About Issue De-Escalations
Issue De-escalations is a feature that allows escalated issues to be de-escalated.  This functionality is disabled by default and must be activated from the Features screen .  Every issue that has been escalated will have a lin...
About Issue Attachments
Attachments are files that can be uploaded to various areas in Issuetrak, including issues. This feature allows you to add supporting information to issues and knowledge base articles, as well as other areas of the product. When attachments are...
Linking Issues
When using Issuetrak, you might recognize a need to have multiple issues linked to each other for various reasons.
Issue Submission Methods
Issuetrak provides the ability to determine which method was used to create an issue. The Submission Method can be found: Via the Report Writer in the ssues Dataset On the View Issue or Edit Issue screens, if the issue form in...
Entered Date vs Submitted Date
Users with the appropriate permission can change the “Submitted Date” while submitting an issue. This article provides an explanation of the difference between the "Submitted Date" and "Entered Date." Entered ...