Licensing FAQs

Issuetrak 16.0 introduced significant changes to the way our licensing works. Prior to 16.0, sites utilized license keys in order to determine how many agents could be used and what features could be activated.

Moving forward, we no longer provide license keys.

Your licensed abilities are determined by your Site ID, which is provided to you by Sales or Support. During deployment, license updates, and manual activation, your server will attempt to validate the Site ID against Issuetrak's license validation service to determine what your site is licensed for.

Why did we make this change to licensing?

  • Streamlined deployments
  • Quick license changes
  • Improved User Experience
  • Prevent accidental license mishandling 

I'm a Cloud customer. How does this affect me?

When you update your license with Sales or Support, you will need to tell your site to pull down the license update:

  1. Sign into your Issuetrak site as a Sys Admin.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right, then click on License underneath "System".
  3. Click on the Update License button.

After a few seconds, a confirmation message will appear.

Is an internet connection required to update my license, install, or upgrade?

We offer offline manual license validation for our customers that have air-gapped / well-secured on-premises sites.

What happens when I click on the "Update License" button?

Your web server will reach out to Issuetrak's license validation service to pull the license details relating to your Site ID. This communication only occurs during deployment, license updates, and manual activation.

Your instance doesn't communicate with Issuetrak's validation service unless you take one of the aforementioned actions.

I can't complete the license update by myself. Can you help?

Yes, we'll help you out! Please see this article for further steps to take.