Business Rules


About Substatus Rules
Substatus Rules are a mechanism that allows you to configure Issuetrak to automatically change the Substatus field or pause the System Clock for an issue.
About Business Rules
Business Rules are a feature that facilitates automated changes to issues according to a set of criteria defined by an administrator.  In order to set up Business Rules, you must have the “ Sys Admin ” parameter or “ C...
About Auto Assignment Rules
You can have the system automatically assign issues immediately upon submission to certain users or groups through Auto Assignments . (Please note that a Group must have active members in order to show up in Assign To  lists.) Depending on th...
About Escalation Rules
Your system can automatically escalate and take action in issues that remain open or idle for too long through Escalation Rules . Escalation Rules help ensure Assignees and Submitters never neglect or abandon their issues, especially when they are...