About Embedded Images


Your users can Embed Images —such as screenshots, pictures or other graphics files—directly into issues and Knowledge Base (KB) articles within your site.

Full functionality relies on activation of your site’s Rich Text being activated through Administration > System > System Settings > System Defaults. Through the Rich Text Editor, images may be inserted within any Article Text, Issue Description or Note, including those that are automatically populated by a Quick Pick, Recurring Issue or Escalation Rule. The Editor also offers advanced image formatting options, such as borders, alignment, sizing and spacing.

When using the Plain Text configuration, images may only be inserted within KB Articles. This process relies on system-generated HTML image tags that are pasted into an Article’s text—with no formatting options available.

However, embedding images using either configuration can cause storage consumption on your Issuetrak Web server to increase significantly since there are no limits to the size, type or number of files that may be uploaded to your site. But there are Administration options that allow you to see all images currently stored on the server right from the interface, as well as delete any Unused images (uploaded but either removed or never fully embedded) to help keep consumption to a minimum.

All users can view images embedded in any records they are able to access within your system.