About the License Screen

This article explains the License screen within Issuetrak.

Your License determines how many Agents you have, which add-ons can be activated, whether your site is for Testing or Production, and when access to your site will expire. You may extend expiration dates, add more Agents or evaluate/add other add-ons at any time by requesting a new license from our Technical Support Team at 757-213-1351, support@issuetrak.com, or https://support.issuetrak.com.


The License Screen

The License screen allows you to update your site's current license, view your Site ID and view information about your site. If you are a cloud customer, then the license and site ID are managed for you by Issuetrak. If you have questions about either of these, you can contact Issuetrak Support for assistance.

Managing Your License

Only users with Sys Admin permission can update the license on your system. Cloud customers will not see this option and have their license managed by Issuetrak.

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right > click on License beneath System.
  2. Click Update License.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.

Manual Activation

There is a "Manual Activation" button beneath "Update License", which is for applying a new license to your site. See this article for steps on manual activation.

Current License Information

In addition to the current license information, you can also view:

  • Expiration date of the current license (if applicable)
  • A count of the number of agent accounts in use, versus the quantity that the site is licensed for
  • The current running version of Issuetrak
  • Currently licensed add-ons

Permitted users can view a detailed list of every version upgrade and update applied to your site by clicking the paper icon next to the current version name.

On-Premises customers will also see a "Check for Updates" link present, which (when clicked) will display the latest released version of Issuetrak, as well as a link to obtain that version. You can also find a link to the latest release in our Support Site’s Home Screen Message at any time. As new releases become available, the download information will also be sent via email to the Technical Contact in your Issuetrak customer account.

If your site is hosted on our cloud environment, Issuetrak Technical Support will keep the site up-to-date and email the Technical Contact in your customer account prior to any upgrade. Those customers wishing to upgrade sooner than the established schedule should contact support to schedule the upgrade.