Post-Deployment Configuration


Now that your site is deployed, you have the opportunity to do some post-deployment configuration of the site. All of the steps below are optional, and you will need to use your best judgement on whether following them will benefit you.

You can find more about Issuetrak Deployment Fundamentals here.

Configuring DPAPI Encryption

Enabling DPAPI Encryption for Issuetrak's connection strings could contribute to a small degree of increased latency for web server and SQL server transactions.

DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) is a cryptographic application programming
interface available as a built-in component in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. DPAPI Encryption is used to encrypt your Issuetrak database connection string.

For each web server that the deployment will target, the existing unencrypted connection string must be encrypted. This encryption is machine-specific; therefore, execute the procedure separately for each web server.

In order to implement DPAPI encryption for your connection strings, perform the following steps on the web server:

  1. In a web browser navigate to the (WebsiteURL)/Connect/ApplyDPAPIEncryption.asp page.
  2. Navigate to the Connect subfolder located within your Issuetrak directory folder.
  3. Open the Connection-Strings.asp file in this subfolder using Notepad or another text editor.
  4. Copy the plaintext connection string from in between the quotation marks.
  1. Once copied, ensure the plaintext string is cleared with only the quotation marks remaining.
  1. Paste the plaintext connection string to be encrypted into the text control labeled “(1) Paste Text to Encrypt Here:” and then click the “Encrypt Text” button.

If this text area is already populated by This is the default secret, paste your connection string information over it before encrypting.

  1. Copy the Encrypted Text from the text control labeled Encrypted Text (for local machine): to the clipboard.
  1. Paste the encrypted text into the Connection-Strings.asp file to populate the constant values and ensure it is enclosed within the quotation marks.




  1. Edit Connection-Strings.asp and set the Const IS_CONNECTION_STRING_ENCRYPTION_ENABLED value to True.
  2. Save the changes to Connection-Strings.asp.
  3. Confirm access to the Issuetrak web application.

Testing the Website URL

If you added a custom URL to your site, you must create a manual DNS (A) record for that URL before it can be tested.

Once the installation is complete, verify that you can access and login to your new Issuetrak URL using the default System Administrator account:

  1. Open your Issuetrak URL in a web browser.
  2. Sign in with the username “admin” and the password you set in the JSON.

If you cannot access your URL or login with these credentials, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

The default “Admin” user will consume one of your Issuetrak Agent Licenses as long as it remains “Active.” You must create your own Agent account with full System Administrator rights before you disable the default “Admin” user, or you will be locked out of the system. Please see the Getting Started in Issuetrak section for more information.

Adjusting the Attachments Maximum File Size

There are several default settings in IIS that automatically prohibit users from uploading image or attachment files that are larger than 200 KB (kilobytes). The installation wizard automatically adjusts these settings to accept files up to at least 25 MB. You can edit the settings manually based on your preference – see KB Article 1696 – How to allow large attachments in Windows Server for details.

There is an option to set a maximum file size by clicking the gear icon in the upper right > click on Features beneath System within your Issuetrak site, but this limit will have no effect unless it is less than the limit currently set in IIS.