Webform Limitations

Issuetrak Webforms are an excellent tool for submitting issues. They eliminate the need to have a user account for every submitter, simplify the issue submission process, and require no training on the part of the end user. As with all tools, its utility comes with limitations. This is not a complete list, but it is a compilation of the more prominent limitations.


Field Configuration

The label for each field on the Webform is set when the form is configured. Each field is used to populate an issue in the Issuetrak site. If the label for the field is changed in either location, then the label will not be changed in the other location.


  • There are many fields in Issuetrak that Webforms can be configured to utilize:
    • List User Defined Fields (UDFs)
    • Multiple Organizations
    • Issue Types and Subtypes
    • Priority
    • Location
    • Department
    • Substatus
    • Severity
    • Next Action
    • Assigned To
  • If values for any of the above fields are removed, and a Webform is configured to use the removed value, then this will cause problems with submitting issues via Webforms.

    For example, if a Webform is configured to submit issues with a Substatus of "Pending" and then the "Pending" substatus is subsequently removed from Issuetrak, then this will cause problems with submitting issues via Webforms.


Issue Submission

When it comes to submitting issues, Webforms cannot...

  • Update existing issues
  • Add notes to existing issues
  • Submit an issue with notes (this does not include the subject or description fields)
  • Create more than one issue at a time



Issuetrak Webforms are not capable of attaching a file to an issue. 


User Creation

  • Users are created in a default organization that is pre-set when the Webform is configured per your requirements during the Webforms build process.
  • Users have a default Time Zone that is determined when the Webform is configured. The user's Time Zone can be changed in the application later.
  • Users created by the Webforms will not have any permissions by any means (including via template or group). However:
    • Permissions can be added to these user accounts after creation.
    • Users will not be able to log into the site unless they are manually given permission to do so.
    • Users will receive email notifications if they are created with an email address.



Webforms cannot create tasks. Tasks will need to be created after the issue has been submitted.


Billing Module

If you utilize the Billing Module, please understand that a Webform cannot add Billing line items to an issue. These should be added manually after an issue has been created.



  • Webforms are available to on-premises customers.
  • By default, the embedding of Webforms in another site is not permitted. However, upon request Issuetrak can permit Webforms to be embedded in iframes.
  • Only Issuetrak can host the Webforms for your site.