Getting Started in Issuetrak


Issuetrak is designed with a variety of configuration and customization options that allow you to shape its user interface according to your current operation and user base. It is also designed for long-term scalability so that you can change and expand its interface as your operation and user base change and grow.

As a result, the process of getting started may vary depending on exactly how you currently want to use your Issuetrak site – with the following exceptions:

Creating Your Own “Sys Admin” Account
Deactivating the “Default Admin” Account

However, once you create your own “Sys Admin” account and disable the default “Admin” account – and are ready to start configuring your site – we recommend that you begin your initial configuration by working from top to bottom of the System section of the Settings Lightbox to define your system’s overall defaults and active features.

You can find more about Issuetrak Deployment Fundamentals here.

Customers interested in upgrading must be on version 10.3.7 or higher prior to performing an upgrade.

Creating Your Own “Sys Admin” Account

Every Issuetrak site is pre-configured with one default user account that has full System Administrator (“Sys Admin”) rights. The username is ‘admin’, and the password is set by the administrator during the deployment of Issuetrak.

You are welcome to use this default “Admin” account to explore and configure your site for as long as you like, but it will consume one of your Issuetrak Agent Licenses as long as it remains “Active.” Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create your own account with “Sys Admin” rights and deactivate the default “admin” account as soon as possible.

However, before creating your account and subsequently deactivating the “admin” account, you should
also be aware of the following rules that apply to “Sys Admin” rights and Agent Licenses:

  • “Sys Admin” rights are controlled through a special account “Parameter” that can only be changed through the Edit User screen for security reasons. This means you cannot add full “Sys Admin” rights to your account or any other Agent account until after that account has been saved. In addition, no user can inherit Sys Admin rights through a “cloned” user record or membership within a Group.
  • Agents granted “Sys Admin” require an Agent License. The account is automatically granted all Agent Permissions valid for the license purchased. For example, permissions related to the Asset Management module will not be valid unless the license includes that module. In addition, any conflicting permissions, such as Read-Only Admin are unavailable by default.
  • All Agent Licenses within your system are automatically assigned to users in the order in which they are granted an Agent Permission. Therefore, no user with “Sys Admin” rights or any Agent Permissions can perform any Agent functions unless a License is currently available for their account. As a result, this also means if only one Agent License is included in your System License, then you must disable the default “admin” account in order to perform any Agent functions using your own login credentials.

When you are ready to create your own Agent account with “Sys Admin” rights:

  1. Log into your Issuetrak site using your default admin credentials.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right > click on Users beneath Entities.
  3. Click Add in the right context menu.
  4. Select Record Type User and User Type Agent.
  5. Enter your User ID and any other basic details as needed or required (including the appropriate permissions you want this account to have) on the Add User screen and click Save.
  6. When you receive confirmation that your new account has been saved and your record automatically reopens in view mode, click Edit in the the right context menu.
  7. Check Sys Admin in the Parameters section now displayed below the Name fields and click Update.
  8. When you receive confirmation that your account has been updated and your record reopens in view mode again, verify that your Sys Admin value is now Yes.

Once this process is complete, you should deactivate the default “admin” account so that your account can take over its User License. (If you only have one User License, you must stay logged in as “admin” until that account is disabled.)

Deactivating the Default “Admin” Account

Once you have created your own Agent account with full System Administrator (“Sys Admin”) rights, we strongly recommend that you “deactivate” rather than delete the default “Admin” account:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right > click on Users beneath Entities.
  2. Click on the “Sys Admin” count in the Users Summary screen.
  3. Click edit next to the default “Admin” account in the User Summary/Sys Admin List that opens.
  4. Uncheck Active in the Parameters displayed below the Name fields on the Edit User screen.
  5. Click Update.

Once this process is complete, you must log out and log back in using your own personal User ID and password to continue working with your site.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to help address any questions or problems you might have as well as help you configure your Issuetrak site as effectively and efficiently as possible:

Product Documentation
Technical Support
Professional Services

You can also connect with us and other Issuetrak customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn or subscribe to our Company Blog for ongoing tips, tricks, and other useful information.

Product Documentation

Issuetrak product documentation is available in our Product Documentation article. This includes all current Release Notes, Admin & User Guides, and Installation & Upgrade Guides.

If the Online Help feature is enabled within your Issuetrak site, your users can also click the “?” located in the upper right of their Issuetrak user interface to open and search Admin & User Guide information in a web-based format. By default, this feature is automatically “Enabled for All Users” during installation but can be “Enabled for Agent Users Only” or “Disabled” by clicking the gear icon in the upper right > click on Defaults below System.

However, please keep in mind that a user must have at least one of the following permissions in order to access both Admin & User Guide content directly through their Online Help interface:

  • Sys Admin
  • Can access and maintain Administration functions
  • Allowed Read-Only access to Administration information

All other users can access only User Guide content through their Online Help interface.

Technical Support

Our Support Team is happy to assist you with any technical questions or concerns. You can contact Support at 888-789-8725 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1351 (International), or

More importantly, please keep in mind that every Issuetrak customer is entitled to exceptional and award-winning technical support and customer service through their Maintenance Plus Agreement, including:

  • Unlimited email, phone, and remote technical assistance during our standard Hours of Operation
  • Emergency technical assistance for system-critical issues outside our standard Hours of Operation
  • Unlimited access to our Technical Support Knowledge Base (KB) 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Unlimited access to all new releases and service packs as they become available

Our standard Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (ET/GMT-5). In addition, at least one member of our Support Team is always “on-call” to assist you with any system-critical issues 24/7.

To report system-critical issues that occur outside of our standard Hours of Operation, please call the Support line and speak to our 24/7 answering service. A member of our Support Team will return your call as soon as possible.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team offers a variety of configuration and consulting services, including:

  • Implementation sessions (for new customers) and TuneUps (for existing customers)
  • Administrator Training and User Training
  • Customization
  • Managed Services

Please see our Professional Services Overview for more information, or contact our Pro Services Team at 866-477-8387 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1330 (International), or