About Global Issues


You can link related issues and work them simultaneously using Global Issues. You can also make it easier for different users to submit the same issue or deter them from submitting the same issue through this feature.

In a Global Issue scenario, one issue is promoted to Global (parent) status, such as an issue that reveals a problem multiple users may encounter before it is resolved. As similar issues are submitted or identified, they are Linked to that parent issue. As long as this Global Issue remains open, any permitted users will see it listed in the Global Issues tab of their My Issues screen.

Which values and events are copied from a Global issue to its Linked issues—and when—is controlled by your overall Global Issues settings. These settings include options for copying over any of the following items On Link and/or On Update to a Global Issue:

  • Issue Type and Subtype value
  • Priority value
  • Substatus value
  • Assigned To value
  • Next Action value
  • Add Note event
  • Close Issue event

An override option will appear when promoting an issue to a global issue. This option allows you to bypass all field update options for the global issue if desired.

Only users with one or more licensed Agent permissions are able to promote or link issues. Which users can see an issue once it becomes Global is controlled by viewing permissions set in the issue record. These options exist only in issues with a Global status:

  • All users in the global issue’s organization
  • Only Agents in the global issue’s organization
  • All users in all organizations
  • Only Agents in all organizations

When an issue is promoted to a global issue, you may search for existing issues to be linked to the global issue or you may choose to create new issues to be linked to the global issue.