Issuetrak's Release Pipeline

You might be curious about how Issuetrak's release pipeline works.  This article serves to answer some common questions we get about this.

Does Issuetrak have a product roadmap?

Yes!  Have a look here for the latest glimpse into our upcoming releases. 

Where can I find the latest release notes?

You can find those right here.

I missed something in the previous release notes.  Where can I find those?

Have a look at our Product Documentation page.

How can I subscribe to your release announcements?

Go to our Issuetrak Release Notes page and sign up when prompted!  If you don't receive an offer to subscribe after a few seconds, you'll probably need to clear your cookies for the site and then reload the page.

You can also visit this link and ensure that you're subscribed to the following:

  • Support Email | Early Release Alerts
  • Support Email | Release/Maintenance Information
  • Support Email | Request Product Release Notification

If you are a Cloud customer, please bear in mind that you will not receive notifications about patch releases unless you are subscribed to Support Email | request product release notification.

When do you typically conduct a release?

We try to make a release happen between Tuesday and Thursday during normal EST business hours. 

I'm a Cloud customer.  When will you actually apply a new release to my site after you announce it?

We will upgrade Cloud sites after 10PM EST on the Tuesday following our release announcement, but we are happy to apply it sooner for you if you want! 

Additionally, if you have a test site in our Cloud, we will apply the upgrade to your site on the day we make the release announcement.

What do your version numbers mean?

Our version numbers consist of a major version number, a minor version number, and an optional third component.  Here's how it works:

Major Release Number - 12.7.1

The first part of the version is the major version number.  This number changes infrequently.  We update this when we have a enough significant changes to warrant a new number.  Recent examples include:

  • Issuetrak 10.0:  This contained a complete re-implementation of Incoming Email processing, Active Directory, and an improved deployment experience.
  • Issuetrak 11.0:  This release saw the introduction of the brand new Issuetrak Deployment Utility and Issuetrak Deployment Manager, allowing for deploying Issuetrak with greater flexibility.
  • Issuetrak 12.0:  We introduced AD Federation Services with this version. 

Minor Release Number - 12.7.1

The second part of the version is the minor version number.  We change this number the most frequently.  We call these "Feature" releases because they correspond to the introduction of new features or changes to existing ones.  Examples include:

  • Issuetrak 12.4:  The introduction of Issue Hub.
  • Issuetrak 12.5:  Updates to the user interface.
  • Issuetrak 12.6:  Phase 2 of our Issue Hub implementation.

Patch Release Number - 12.7.1

The third part of the version, when present, is the patch version.  We sometimes make a patch release consisting of one or more bug fixes to fix undesirable behavior in the product.  Examples include:

  • Issuetrak 12.7.1:  Contained bug fixes for Incoming Email, Quick Picks, and Saved Search.
  • Issuetrak 12.1.1:  Contained a bug fix for Service Contracts/Labor Hours functionality.