About Classes


Your system needs an overall structure for capturing and reporting issue-related information. This is accomplished by categorizing the issues being addressed through Issuetrak into:

  • Classes – general categories such as Change Requests, Incidents, Problems, Defects, Internal Issues, etc.
  • Issue Types – descriptive categories such as Product Support, Customer Relations, Shipping, IT, Operations, Administration, etc.
  • Subtypes – detailed sub-categories of specific issue types and higher level subtypes


Issue Class = Internal Issues

> Issue Type = Administration

>> Subtype Level 1 = HR

>>> Subtype Level 2 = Benefits

>>>> Subtype Level 3 = Insurance

>>>>> Subtype Level 4 = Qualifying Event

Issue Types are the only issue classification every system is required to use. Classes and/or Subtypes are optional.

As you decide which issue classifications to use in your system, keep in mind how the system responds to issues can be automated based on any of these values. This includes Auto Assignments, Email Distribution Lists and Escalation Rules.

All users can view Class-related data in issues and reports, but only users with “Can edit issues” permissions can select a Class on an issue.