About Classes


Issue Classes help to provide structure for capturing and reporting issue-related information.  This mechanism allows users to select which Class of issues they want to see on their Dashboard, which makes it easier to change their overall view of open issues.  Additionally, classes can be utilized by Escalation Rules and queried via Report Writer.

Classes are a feature that is turned off by default but can be enabled by a Sys Admin

As you decide which issue classifications to use in your system, keep in mind that the way the system responds to issues can be automated based on any of these values. This includes Auto Assignments, Email Distribution Lists, and Escalation Rules.

FAQ Answer
Who can create classes? The choices that are available in the Class dropdown are determined by users with Sys Admin or Can access and maintain Administration functions .
Who can select classes? Users with Can edit issues have the ability to select the class for issues.
Who can select classes? All users can view class-related data in issues and reports.

Examples of Classes:

  • Change Requests
  • Incidents
  • Problems
  • Defects
  • Internal Issues


Activating Classes

Just a reminder:  Only users with “Sys Admin” permissions can activate Classes within your system.

  1. Go to Administration > System > System Settings > Features
  2. Scroll down to the Issue Classes section.
  3. Select Activate Issue Classes.
  4. Choose a Default Class for your system's issues. (This value will only be used when a submitter cannot or does not specifically select one).

The value entered here must also be added as a Class to your system.

  1. Click Update

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete. The Classes menu option will appear within the Administration Menu when the update is complete.


Adding Classes

Only users with “Sys Admin” or “Can access and maintain Administration functions” permissions can add, edit or delete Classes within your system.

  1. Go to Administration > Classes > Add.

  1. Enter a name for the new Class.
  2. (Optional) Define the Display Order (e.g. “3” = third place) for this Class within related lists and drop-downs.
  3. Click Save.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.


Editing Classes


  1. Go to Administration > Classes.

  1. Click edit next to the Class you are modifying.
  2. Make your changes in the Edit Class screen that opens.
  3. Click Update.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.


Deleting Classes

Best Practice: Whenever possible, always deactivate rather than delete existing items within your system.  In this case, you can instead opt to Edit the desired class, then uncheck the box next to Active


  1. Go to Administration > Classes.
  2. Click del next to the Class you are deleting.
  3. Click Ok when prompted to confirm.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.