About the Surveys Module

Web Surveys is an add-on module to Issuetrak that allows you to construct Web surveys, deploy them, and then analyze the results.

The survey package is integrated with Issuetrak in a variety of ways. When creating a survey, the Administrator decides whether users can respond anonymously, or if a login will be required. An invitation to take the survey is emailed to the users specified and contains a hyperlink to the survey. You can send these survey invitations to any number of users using the mass email feature in the User Administration section of Issuetrak.

You can also cause a survey invitation to be sent when issues are closed. A survey invitation can be sent out on every issue that is closed, or based on issue values for class, issue type, sub-status, or interval such as every Nth issue, where N is any number.

The survey creation tool allows you to construct surveys with over twenty question types, including four kinds of matrix questions, ranking questions, drop-down lists, open-ended text boxes, checkboxes, attachments and more.

Only system administrators and users with the “Can access and maintain Surveys Module functions” user attribute will be able to view and access the Surveys menu option from the Home Menu.