Make Issuetrak Your Own

Issuetrak includes a multitude of different options to customize the application to best fit your needs. This article will direct you to some of the more common labels and options that can be customized. But make no mistake: Issuetrak is able to be changed to best fit your needs!

When a new site is deployed for the first time, either through an on-premises installation or with our Cloud environment, one of the first things you may want to do is start customizing your site's appearance and configuration. This can include changing labels to better fit your usage and workflows, be they work orders, requests, issues, or complaints. You may also want to change the site colors and set logos to fit its intended usage.


Site Appearance

This covers the overall look and feel of your Issuetrak site and can be customized to fit your company's color theme and branding.

On-Screen text can also be customized with HTML code, please see this article for details.


Custom Labels

Depending on how you wish to use your site, different parts of the Issuetrak application can have their label renamed to better fit your needs.


Custom Issue Notifications

You can also customize the email notifications that are sent to users for updates, escalations, and other events!  Follow the links below to view the article to customize your Outgoing Email and Survey Invitations.

Notifications can also be customized with HTML code, please see this article for details.


Has your site appearance been customized, but you need help with configuring the site to fit your workflows?

Speak with one of our product experts to help configure your site to suit your needs!