About Note Tokens

Issue tokens are placeholders for information that you can add to a note, which will be replaced with the actual information once the note is saved to an issue. They may be stored in other places raw only to be replaced when a note based on them is saved. You can use Note Tokens as a tool for quickly adding bits of issue-relevant information.

Note Tokens relies on the functionality of the Rich Text Editor in order to work. If the RTE isn't enabled, then you won't see the benefit of Note Tokens.

Token Visibility Requirements

Note Tokens can only be used by agents. Additionally, the visibility of some tokens can be hidden based on the agent's permissions, such as Asset-related or "Can be assigned" permissions.

This table describes the requirements for each token category to be available for use.

Token Requirement
Issue Cause Causes enabled
Issue Class Classes enabled
Issue Department Departments Enabled, Responsible Department enabled
Issue Subtypes (1-4) Subtypes (1-4) enabled
Issue First Response Time SLAs enabled
Issue Service Level SLAs enabled
Issue Severity Name SLAs enabled
Issue Asset Name Asset Management licensed and enabled
Issue Configuration Item Name Configuration Items enabled
Organization UDF fields Organization UDFs enabled
Project fields Projects enabled, agent account has Projects selected in their "Menu Options/Pages allowed" for their account
Location fields Locations enabled
Region Name Locations enabled, Regions enabled
"Assigned To" User fields Agent has "Can view Assigned To information in issues and email notifications" permission
"Next Action" User fields Next Action must be enabled for the site, and the agent must have "Can view Assigned To information in issues and email notifications" permission
UDF fields User UDFs enabled
Private UDF fields The agent has "Can view and enter content in Private User Defined Fields" permission
Department Departments enabled
Location Locations enabled

Expected Behavior

As Note Tokens are a core feature of Issuetrak, they are always enabled. However, if you have the Rich Text Editor disabled in your site, then Note Tokens will be effectively disabled, since they rely on the RTE's functionality in order to work.

Certain Note Tokens are subject to the visibility controls imposed upon the currently logged-in user by default. There is a setting that can be toggled from the Features screen, which allows Note Tokens to be visible to all agents regardless of their permissions.

Issue Tokens can be inserted into any Issue note or Issue Quick Note.

Tokens in Issue Templates, Quick Notes, Workflows, and Scheduled Issues are not replaced upon saving. Instead, the token is saved to be replaced later.

Tokens are replaced in the following scenarios:

  • Submitting an issue
  • Editing an issue
  • Closing an issue
  • Cloning an issue
  • An email creates a new issue from a template
  • Sending an issue through on-page email action

Tokens the user does not have visibility to are replaced with an empty string. When inserting a quick note, if the token won't be replaced due to the feature being disabled, or the user does not have permission, then the token will be styled to show that.

Global Issues

When a note is cascaded from a Global Issue to the child issues the tokens in the note will be replaced for each child issue.

Using Note Tokens

What do Tokens look like?

Tokens are deliberately styled to sharply contrast with your normal notes when you haven't saved them yet. Tokens appear as a short block of text consisting of a colorful blue Token category, followed by the specific field relating to the category that you selected.


  • [Submitter+First Name]
  • [Assigned To+Phone]
  • [Assigned To+Display Name]

Where can Tokens be used?

You can use Note Tokens in the Rich Text Editor in any of the following areas of Issuetrak:

  • Quick Notes
  • Email notifications
  • Workflows
  • Global Issues
  • Email Issue

How to Use Tokens

From any of the areas listed above, go into the Rich Text Editor to add your notes as usual. But wherever you want to insert a Note Token:


  1. Place your cursor where the token should be inserted.
  2. Click on Tokens > Insert.
  3. The Tokens dialog box appears, and your cursor will appear in a Search field.
    1. You may choose to search for the token you want by typing in the Search field. Applicable tokens will be immediately filtered to match your search string.
    2. You can also filter the tokens that appear by using the dropdown menu above the search field. Choose any of the token categories to narrow the tokens displayed to just those you want to see.
    3. When you've found a token that you want to insert into your note, click either the token's name or the Insert button.
      1. You can also select multiple tokens to insert at a time. Just hold down CTRL and click each token name that you want to insert. 
  4. You can then arrange the tokens in your notes in any way you choose.