Blocked Attachments

Certain attachments, such as logo files or social media icons can appear repeatedly in your descriptions and notes, especially if included in the signatures of your users. You have the ability to identify the attachments you want to block from processing.

Blocking Attachments


  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right > click Incoming Email beneath Email.
  2. Click Blocked Attachments on the right context menu.
  3. (Optional) A list of already blocked attachments will be shown. You can click on the name to preview the file or click remove to no longer block it.
  4. Click Browse to browse for and add a new attachment to block.

Additionally, if a file comes through that you want to block going forward, you can quickly block it right from the issue screen. When viewing the issue, you can click on Attachments in the right context menu, the paper clip icon by the issue number, or scroll to the attachment list on the issue. Next to each attachment will be a block link. Clicking that will add that particular attachment to the blocked list.

Post 15.1+ Upgrade

After upgrading from a version prior to Issuetrak 15.1, previously-blocked IEM attachments will need to be re-blocked. This is due to the underlying mechanism that is used for matching blocked attachments being changed.

You may see text on the Blocked Attachments screen indicating that some entries are no longer valid. In order to "clean up" the Blocked Attachments area, you can choose to click on Delete all invalid entries to get rid of all listed invalid attachments.