About Quick Picks


Quick Picks are issue submission templates you create for commonly addressed issues. They allow you to pre-define appropriate information and values for those issues, such as the Subject, Description, Issue Type, Subtype, Priority, Email Distribution List, Attachments, etc. They also allow you to pre-define the necessary workflows involved, such as the Assigned To, Next Action, Tasks, etc.

While users may still change or add information as they submit a Quick Pick, its base template helps ensure the same kind of issue—no matter which user submits it or which Agent works it—generally has the same or similar values and processes in place. Each Quick Pick is also a valuable time-saver, reducing the input required from users, as well as much of the inaccurate or inconsistent input that must be updated by your Agents.

There is no limit to the number of Quick Picks you can create, nor any limit to the specific functions or business units they might serve. Every issue routinely submitted through your system (e.g. change requests, maintenance requests, HR actions, computer or printer problems, etc.) may be turned into a Quick Pick. However, each Quick Pick added to your system may not be seen by every user, depending on their permissions and/or memberships within specific Groups or Organizations.

For example, you might create a New Employee Quick Pick that populates with an Administration Issue Type, Employee Subtype 1 and Standard Priority. It also includes these Tasks pre-assigned to the proper user or group: Perform Orientation, Submit Benefit Forms, Add to AD, Configure PC, Setup Email, Setup Phone, Order Business Cards, etc. You could then make it Private and Restricted To your Managers and HR Groups so that only high-level (i.e. permitted to view Private Quick Picks) Managers and HR personnel can see this template in their Quick Pick options.

Only users with Sys Admin or Can access and maintain Administration functions permissions can add, edit or delete Quick Picks within your system.

Only users with Can view and select from Quick Picks when submitting issues can see Quick Pick options on an issue. Only users with Can view and select from Private Quick Picks when submitting issues can see any Private options. More importantly, if any Group or Organization Restrictions have been added to a Quick Pick, only members of the designated Groups and Organizations can see that particular option.

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