Billing Module - Customers


Customer records displayed within the Billing Module are actually Organization records. The only difference is that when viewed from the Customer record, two additional fields appear: “Billing Reference” and “Sales Tax.” These records are called Customers here in an effort to be consistent with invoicing terminology. We present these records here to facilitate adding new Organizations, or for adding Billing Reference Numbers and appropriate Sales Tax or modify information in an existing Organization record (e.g. address, contact, etc.) without having to move to the Administration > Organization menu. All changes made within Customers will also be reflected in Organizations.

Adding a New Customer


  1. Navigate to Modules > Billing > Customers > Add.
  2. Enter the required information into the fields provided
  3. Click Save.

Editing a Customer


  1. Navigate to Modules > Billing > Customers.
  2. Click the edit link beside the appropriate name in the Customer/Organization List.
  3. When all changes have been made, click Update to save the new information.

Exporting the Customer List to Excel


  1. Navigate to Modules > Billing > Customers > Export to Excel.
  2. Click Open or Save as needed.