Issue Submission Methods

Issuetrak provides the ability to determine which method was used to create an issue. The Submission Method can be found:

  • Via the Report Writer in the ssues Dataset
  • On the View Issue or Edit Issue screens, if the issue form includes the "Submission Method" field
  • In the database within the SubmissionMethod table

List of Submission Methods

Located within the SubmissionMethod database table are columns labeled "SubmissionMethod" and "Id".  The Submission Methods are correlated with the ID numbers, and are keyed as follows:

  1. Created via the UI (Normal issue submission)
  2. Copied/Cloned
  3. Created via the UI with Issue Template
  4. Created via Scheduled Issue
  5. Created via Incoming Email
  6. Created via Incoming Email with Issue Template
  7. Created via Global Issue Bulk Submit
  8. Created via API