User Templates


You may pre-define standard permissions needed by almost every user, if not all users, within a User Template. This template can then be setup to automatically apply these standard permissions to any new user records created from:

  • Submit Issue screen
  • Login screen using the Self-Registration feature
  • Authentication and imports from AD using the AD Module
  • Incoming email sent to the system using IEM

If using the AD Module, there is more to user templates. Please see the AD - Creating a Template for User Permissions for more specific information.

You may also setup different templates based on each of these locations.

As users are created from these locations, their initial permissions cannot be changed before their records are saved. If a default template is not setup, no permissions will be applied. If a default template is setup, only the permissions on the template will be applied. In both cases, users must be edited or added to a group to change their initial permissions. In addition, no changes to a default template will be applied to records already created from them.