Issuetrak Navigation

New to Issuetrak? It can be hard to find your way around any new system without some sort of guide. Let's get you oriented with Issuetrak so that you can get to work!

Getting Your Bearings

In Issuetrak there are three basic navigation menus:

  • Settings lightbox navigation
  • Left menu
  • Right context menu

In the top bar to the far right, there is a gear icon to the left of the name for the currently logged-in user. This icon when clicked will show the settings lightbox. It is typically the first thing you see when loading a browser window displaying Issuetrak. On the left side of Issuetrak is a collapsible menu showing Main site functionality options and an editable Bookmarks section. On some screens, a changing right quick menu will appear with options and related links that change depending on your current screen.

Site Navigation areas Functionality
Settings Lightbox Opens the site configuration options and also provides access to the Asset Management, Billing, and Surveys modules, if available. Options will show as grayed out if the currently logged-in user does not have permission to access the section, or if the section is Disabled.
Left Menu This menu has two sections: a static menu providing links to items such as New Issue, Dashboard, and Issue Hub, and the Bookmarks section where a user can bookmark commonly accessed pages for easy access. The items in this list can be re-organized, edited, and deleted by the user. The Bookmarks section is user-specific and can be resized.
Right Quick Menu This menu changes depending on the screen that is currently navigated to and provides contextual options based on the current screen. For example, if the user is on the Issue screen, options for Edit, Add Note, and Close will be in the righthand context menu.

The upper-right side of the Title bar shows you some important information such as a search option, which allows you to search for information in an Issue’s Subject, or load an Issue by its Number. Other available options are a print option to allow you to print a cleaned-up version of the page you are viewing, a circle with a question mark that opens the Issuetrak Help Center, a gear icon for accessing the Settings lightbox, and a User settings menu.  The User settings menu includes options for My Settings, Change Password, and Log Out.

Now that you've seen the very basics, let's look at this in a bit more depth! Click the image below to begin the presentation.

Issuetrak Site Navigation

Remember: The selections shown, and options available, will vary according to how the site is configured and what permissions your Administrators have assigned to your User profile. Please explore your options and contact us if you have any questions!