How To Get the Most Out of Your Professional Services Consultation

Below are recommendations aimed at maximizing the value of consultation sessions with Issuetrak Professional Services:

Recommendation Supplementary Details
Install the site
(Not applicable for Cloud sites)
If your site will be premise (hosted on your company's servers), be sure your site is installed prior to your consultation session. The Professional Services team assists with configuration, but they can't help with site installations. If you need assistance with installing your site, please contact our Support Team.
Log in to your site If you're new to Issuetrak and are undergoing implementation with our Professional Services, be sure to log into your site upon receiving your site URL, username, and password. Those credentials will be sent to you via email if you have a Cloud site, and if you have a premise site, you would have created your own password during the installation process.
If you encounter any issues logging in successfully, contact our Support Team for assistance. Ensure that you have your password ready to use for the consultation session. This proactive approach will help avoid any delays in the implementation process.
Define clear objectives Clearly outline your goals and objectives for the consultation session. Identify specific challenges or areas where you need assistance and communicate them to your consultant.
Prepare relevant information Gather any relevant data, documents, or information related to your implementation, workflows, or customization needs. This will help your consultant better understand your requirements and provide targeted guidance.
Involve key stakeholders Ensure that key stakeholders from your organization are involved in providing feedback during the consultation or implementation process. This includes decision-makers, project managers, and end-users who will be impacted by the implementation or customization of Issuetrak. If you feel like it would be beneficial to have specific stakeholders attend the consultation sessions, be sure to forward the meeting invitation to them.
Please note that including an excessive number of participants in the session may impede the process. This can result in prolonged question-and-answer sessions and challenges in reaching decisions with multiple opinions to consider.
Ask questions Take advantage of the consultation session to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of Issuetrak or its features. Your consultant is there to provide expertise and guidance, so don't hesitate to inquire about anything you're unsure about.
Provide feedback During the session, share feedback with your consultant. Identify successes and areas for improvement. Post-session, utilize the survey link in the session recording email to provide feedback to Issuetrak Professional Services. Highlight strengths as well as areas for enhancement to improve future consultations.
Be open to suggestions Stay open-minded and be receptive to suggestions or recommendations from your consultant. They may offer insights or best practices based on their experience working with other clients in similar situations.
Session notes Take notes during the consultation session to document key takeaways, action items, and recommendations provided by your consultant. This will help ensure that you can refer to the information later and implement any suggested changes effectively.
Download your session recording After your session is over, your consultant will send you an email with a link to the session recording. If you’d like to have the recording to use for reference or for training employees, be sure to download a copy. The time to download the recording is limited, as the link expires 14 days after the session.
Implement action items Your consultant will include a list of action items in the same email that contains the link to the session recording. Act on the recommendations and action items identified during the consultation session. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track progress to ensure that any agreed-upon changes or improvements are implemented effectively.
Follow up After the consultation session, follow up with your consultant to address any outstanding questions or concerns. Keep the lines of communication open and continue to engage with your consultant as needed throughout the implementation process.
Utilize the Support Team between sessions If you encounter any issues with an action item, contact our Support Team for immediate assistance. They can help you overcome obstacles, ensuring your next consultation session remains productive. Our team is equipped to assist with anything from basic usage questions to highly technical problems.

Following these guidelines will enhance the productivity and value of your consultation sessions with our team.