My Settings

The My Settings page can be accessed by clicking your username in the upper right and clicking My Settings. This page allows you to change a few preferences for the current user account.

If Record all login attempts is enabled on the System Defaults page, you may have a "last login attempt" link at the top of this screen that will display your account's login history.

Available Settings

Depending on how the instance of Issuetrak is configured to show this area, the available settings will either be:

  • Just the Time Zone setting.


  • Personal contact information.
  • Time Zone (and handling of Daylight Saving Time).
  • Default Home Page.
  • Redirect To: This determines what page Issuetrak will load after submitting an issue.
  • Default Dashboard Class filter: Determines which class of issues will be displayed on the Dashboard by default.
  • Dashboard Reload: Determines how often the dashboard will automatically reload.

Once your preferences have been selected and any modifications entered, click Update to save these settings. A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.

If the Active Directory module is enabled, personal contact information is not displayed.