About the Issuetrak RESTful API

This article provides information on the Issuetrak RESTful API, including important points to keep in mind and instructions on where to locate the documentation and installation files.



Why might you want to use our API?

You might have a scenario specific to your organization wherein you need to pull certain data from Issuetrak and display it in another application, website, or report. Or maybe you want to do the opposite of that:  Pull data from an application, website or report, and integrate it into Issuetrak. 

Maybe you want to get a realtime count of how many issues have been submitted today without signing into Issuetrak. Or perhaps you want to submit issues from a custom interface your development team has put together. 

You can accomplish all of these things via our API.


Before Getting Started

  • Programmers with RESTful API experience – The goal of any API is that you can utilize your own resources to create something unique that interacts with another product. Imagination and creativity is your only limit; therefore, you need to be sure you have the proper personnel to accomplish what you want to do with the API.
  • Latest and Greatest – In order to gain access to the latest API, on-premises installations will need to be on the latest version of Issuetrak and Cloud installations will need to contact our Support Team. For on-premises installations, the latest version of the API is included in the Issuetrak distribution attached to the following Issuetrak Support KB article.
  • System Requirements – The System Requirements for the API are located in the following article.



The Issuetrak API gives your programmers access to the issue-related tables within your Issuetrak database through a .NET Web Service. Using the API, they''ll be able to insert, update, and retrieve issue data. There is a lot of flexibility to a RESTful API, which means you and your programmers may develop a number of uses for it.



The following Help Center articles will provide you with everything you need to know to understand the ins and outs of the API:

System Requirements
Installing the API (Issuetrak 11.0+)
API - Elevating NLog
API Authorization Overview

API Operations
API Samples Overview
API – Encrypting ConnectionStrings
API – Swagger Overview



Also included in the Distribution are some examples we've developed, which you can use for testing the API. For more information on the examples, including access for our Cloud customers, please visit the following article.