Email Notifications


You can tell the system to automatically send issue alerts and updates through a number of Email Notification configuration options.

The Default Distribution settings let you control system-wide notifications based on user roles in issues and tasks, such as Submitter, Assignee, Task Assignee, etc. For example, with the Submitter Default Distribution set to On Assign, On Note and On Close, all submitters will be notified when their issue is assigned, updated with notes or closed.

There are also Distribution List options for system-wide notifications based on specific issue values, such as Issue Type, Organization, Project, Escalation, etc. For example, a manager may be added to the Priority = Critical Distribution List for On Submit and On Escalate so they stay informed of all Critical issues submitted or escalated.

You and your users may add additional notifications at the issue-level using Distribution List options within an issue record. For example, a sales associate may add themselves to the Distribution List on a particularly difficult issue so they know what progress has been made by your Support Team when speaking with the customer.

Whether you choose to customize the content of these messages — or use the default content — all messages are systematically filtered by the recipient’s permissions. For example, only users with Can view and add Private Notes… will be notified when Private notes are added and Private note data is included only in notifications to these users.

Notifications to specific users may be disabled using the Suppress All Email parameter within their user record. You may also enable notifications for Escalation, Submission and/or Notes Added to ANY and ALL issues using the Email permissions in user records.