Granting permissions to Agents

If you brought in all of your users with the same End-User template, you’ll want to go ahead and put your Agents into Issuetrak Groups to grant them higher permissions. You can create as many groups as needed, and users can be members of more than one group. They inherit the permissions from each group they belong to.

Additionally, if any of the groups have the Agent designation, then all the users within that group must be Agents and count against your license total.

This task can only be performed by an Issuetrak user with the “Can access and maintain Administration functions” permission or the “Sys Admin” parameter.


  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right > Click on Groups underneath Entities.
  2. Locate the appropriate group record on the Groups screen that appears.
  3. Click the edit link that appears next to the group ID.
  4. Scroll to the Group Members section of the Edit Group screen that appears.
  5. Click the View/Maintain Member List... link.
  6. Click the Add Members button on the Group Members screen that appears.
  7. Select all users that should be members of this group in the Add Members window that appears.
  8. Click Update to save these users to the group record.
  9. Repeat these steps for each Issuetrak group that your users need to belong to.