About the All Restrictions Screen

The All Restrictions screen is a centralized location introduced in Issuetrak 15.4 from which you can view and manage visibility restrictions in your Issuetrak site.

You can navigate to the All Restrictions screen by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Issuetrak, then find the Tools header and click on Restrictions.

Overview and Behavior

Below is a list of every restriction on the All Restrictions screen.

  • Custom Link
  • Issue Hub View
  • Issue Template
  • Issue Type
  • Issue Subtype Level 1
  • Issue Subtype Level 2
  • Issue Subtype Level 3
  • Issue Subtype Level 4
  • Knowledge Base Article
  • Task
  • Task Group

The quantity of restricted items under each restriction will be displayed next to it in each box. Each restriction's box can be collapsed by clicking on its header (but only if its box contains content).

The All Restrictions screen displays a collapsible box for each type of restriction in the site. Each box is divided into a table containing information specific to that restriction:

  • Name of the restricted item
  • Entity type that the restriction applies to
  • Name of the entity that the restriction is for

Clicking on any line item within a restriction box will take you directly to that item's Edit screen, allowing you to make necessary changes or simply view additional details about it.

Clicking the add/view link in any restriction box will take you to the corresponding List screen for that item. For example, if you click on add/view next to Issue Type, then you will go to the Issue Type View List screen.

A Search Restrictions field is present next to the All Restrictions page header. This will allow you to find a restriction by its name, but only if its name is currently displayed on screen. To take advantage of the Search field, you must have all restrictions expanded.

Next to the search field is a toggle labeled expand all or collapse all (depending on its current state). This toggle determines whether every restriction box is expanded to display all of its contents.

Lastly, a note on how restrictions are implemented for organizations: Organization-related restrictions are based on the primary organization membership for each user.