Exporting Survey Data

The “Export Data” page enables a user to export the responses to a survey. The data is exported as a comma-delimited file (CSV), which can be opened with Excel.

There are three formats for exporting the data format. The first format, called, “User Responses,” exports one row of data per entire response, with each of the questions displayed as a column. The second format, called, “Individual Responses,” exports each individual response on its own row. In this second format, if a user selected more than one response for a multi-select question, each individual response appears on its own row. The third format, called “SPSS Format”, exports each response as a row, with one column per possible answer to each question.

In “User Response” format, the minimum user data displayed for each row is the username. In “Individual Response” format, the minimum data displayed for each response is the text of the question, the text of the response, and the ID of the response. In addition, the “Export Data” page contains a series of optional fields, each preceded by a checkbox. Any field that is selected before exporting the data is included as a column of data in the CSV file.

The additional data fields that can be exported include both response and user data. The optional response fields are username, IP address, date started, time started, date completed, and time completed. The optional user fields are first name, last name, email address, and company.