Submitting Issues

The process of creating and submitting an Issue can vary based on how your Issuetrak site is configured.

To submit a new Issue:

  1. Click the New Issue button at the top of the left hand menu. The Submit Issue screen will then appear.
  2. If your Issue appears in the Quick Pick drop-down, select it. The screen will then refresh with pre-defined fields/details.

Your site may have Custom Screens with specific fields, field orders, and field requirements based on the type of Issue you are submitting. If this is the case, you might have to first select a Quick Pick or Issue Type before any other fields will appear on this screen.


  1. If your Issue does not appear in the Quick Pick drop-down, enter a brief description as the Subject.
  2. Include additional details or a longer description as the Full Description.
  3. If you did not select a Quick Pick, select an Issue Type and any Subtypes that will help categorize this Issue and assign it to the proper team member(s).
  4. Select and enter information for any other fields that appear.
  5. If you need to include any supporting documents or screenshots, select Include Attachment(s). Once you click Submit Issue, you will be taken to a new screen where you may add your file(s) to the Issue.
  6. Click Submit Issue.
  7. The message Issue ###### was successfully submitted will then appear at the top of the screen.
    1. If you selected Include Attachment(s), click Browse to locate the file(s).
    2. Once your file(s) have been located, click Save. The message Attachments successfully added will then appear.

Please note that the video below contains navigation steps that apply to versions prior to Issuetrak 14. The actual use of the features depicted remains largely unchanged.