API Operations for APIMETADATA


Operation Name: Retrieve API Metadata
Relative API Request Path: ~/api/v1/metadata/current
Description: Retrieves the current API metadata


Retrieve API Metadata

Description: This API method provides metadata regarding the current API version.

The response code on success will be 200 (OK), and the response body will include the current server UTC date and the current API version.

Response DTO Schema:
     UTCDate (ISO 8601 string),
     APIVersion (string)

Request HTTP Verb: GET

Response Status Codes:

  • Success: 200
  • Invalid Data: 400

Response DTO Property Notes:

  • The UTCDate property represents the UTC datetime for the server

Sample Request URL: ~/api/v1/metadata/current

Sample Response:
     “UTCDate”: “2014-10-30T14:27:31.7090916Z”,
     “APIVersion”: “v1”