About Locations and Regions


Locations and Regions reflect physical user, issue, and asset locations. Regions generally define a larger area, while Locations are smaller entities within a Region. A Region might be defined as a state and a corresponding Location within that Region might be a particular city or county. A Region might also be defined as a corporate research park, with individual company buildings comprising the Locations.

Locations and Regions are flexible concepts – and the versatility of Issuetrak makes it easy to modify their terminology to suit your specific needs. Your operation may not need both Locations and Regions, or your company may change the words “Locations” and “Regions” to reflect the way it expresses these concepts (e.g., “Buildings” and “Sites”; “Cities” and “States”). Simply contact your Issuetrak Account Representative for assistance with adapting this feature.

All users can view Location-related data in issues and reports. While this field will be automatically populated with the Submitter’s Location, all users can also manually select a Location on an issue.