Software Management

There are two approaches to setting up the software tables. The long way is to first enter the software titles by hand. As TrakPC returns the registry descriptions, associate those to software titles one by one.

A shorter way is to let Issuetrak create the software titles for you. Although you'll need to go in and modify titles such as Microsoft Office, some titles will be acceptable to use just as they appear in the registry.


Adding Software Titles from existing Software Registries

These steps can be used to have Issuetrak create records in the Software Titles table.


  1. Use TrakPC to audit your PCs (or TrakMac to audit your Macs), then apply the audit records. This creates the asset items and creates the table of software registry descriptions.
  2. Navigate to Asset Management > Asset Tables > Software Registry.
  3. Select Copy to Titles to create software titles directly from registry descriptions. Now you have titles for all the registry entries, but you'll want to change some of them so they will be consolidated under the title used when the software was purchased.
  4. Select Software Titles in the left menu and delete all but one of the titles that are not worded properly.


    You could delete two of the following three titles:


    Then you can edit the remaining value and rename it with a more generic title, such as:


  5. Navigate back to Software Registry, then select Link Titles.
    • This will take you to a screen that will show you which registry items do not have software titles. Here you can produce a filtered list filtering to show just the registry items that start with “AutoHotKey” and that do not have a title associated with them.
  6. Put checks in the checkboxes for the three registry entries we're working with.
  7. Choose the software title “AutoHotKey” in the Software Titles box at the bottom of the page.
  8. Click Update. This will associate the two registry records with the title record.