Creating Issues from Chat Transcripts

Perhaps one of the most powerful capabilities with Chat is the ability to set up an integration with Issuetrak’s Incoming Email feature to have Issues created automatically from chat transcripts.

These instructions will assume you have already configured Incoming Email within Issuetrak. If you need assistance with this, please refer to the following Help Center article or contact our Support Team. Even if you already utilize Incoming Email, it may be of benefit to set up an additional inbox specifically for this integration.


  1. Within the Chat Admin Portal, you will need to navigate to Settings > Integrations > Integrations (directly below on the left).
  2. This will open the Email Integration screen. The top section entitled Send requests by email will provide two text fields; for now, we will focus on the Chat Transcript Email Address. This address specifies where chat transcripts are sent, and this is where you will want to enter the email address of the Incoming Email inbox you’ve set up.
  3. Scroll down to the Configure Integration section. The two important areas within this section are the Chat Transcript and Email sender options.
    1. For Chat Transcript, you can select your preference for what type of transcripts get sent to the inbox.
    2. For Email sender options, you can select to who the transcript email is sent on behalf.
      • Chat should automatically be capturing the email address of the chat initiator, so selecting the option to Send transcript on behalf of visitor can be utilized if you want the Incoming Email feature to create an Issue with the submitter/entrant specified by the user’s email address.
      • Alternatively, you could have every transcript sent from and have a designated representative go through all the issues that get generated from this address, updating and assigning them as necessary.
  4. Click Save.