Before entering items on issues and generating invoices, you must configure your Product/Service records and enter your Products/Services into Issuetrak.

Configuring User Defined Fields for Product/Service Records

Customers that utilize the Billing Module have the option of creating UDFs for Products and Services.  Up to three user-defined text fields are available for your use in a Product/Service record.  This requires Administrative privileges.  In order to find and maintain these UDFs, navigate to Modules --> Billing along Issuetrak's top navigation bar, click Products/Services along the lefthand side, then choose User Defined Fields.  

Three UDFs can be defined for the Billing Module, and they are all Text UDFs.  These cannot be changed to Date or Table-driven UDFs.  

Enter labels for the fields and click “Update” to save your entries.

Fields with BLANK labels will not be displayed on a Product/Service record.

To activate one of these UDFs, simply enter a value in the field and then click Update.  The field will then be added with the label you entered on the Products/Services screen.  

To inactivate a UDF, remove the corresponding label you set for it and then click Update.  The field will be removed from the Products/Services screen.  

Adding a New Product/Service

To add a new Product or Service, choose Modules > Billing > Products/Services > Add. Enter the required information into the fields provided and click “Save.”

  • Rate: The “Rate” is the Rate to be applied for the Product/Service at a Quantity of one. When adding Line Items in an issue, if a Quantity greater than one is selected for the Line Item, the Line Item Total will be a calculation of the Rate multiplied by the Quantity. Rate may be a set value for a specific item, or it may be an hourly rate for services rendered.

Where appropriate, the Rate may be adjusted manually when entering Line Items in an issue.

  • Billable: Checking “Billable” indicates that the Product/Service is a Billable item. Billable items will appear on Work Orders and Invoices, non-Billable items will appear on Work Orders only.
  • Taxable: Checking “Taxable” indicates that the Product/Service is a Taxable item. When adding Taxable Line Items in an issue, the Invoice total will be a calculation of all Line Item Totals multiplied by the Sales Tax defined in the Customer record.
  • Protected: Checking “Protected” indicates that you want to hide this rate when entering products and services in issues. This rate and any corresponding totals will be hidden from users as they enter line items for this product or service. The word “Protected” will display in the Rate field for users other than System Administrators and users with “Can access and maintain Administration functions” and “Can access and maintain Billing/Invoicing Module functions” permissions.

Editing a Product/Service

When the Products/Services List is displayed, click the “edit” link beside the product or service you want to change. You may also locate the record by performing a Quick Search from the top of the Products/Services List.

The Active checkbox shown on the Edit Product/Services screen allows you to activate or inactivate a particular product or service. If the Active checkbox is checked, the product or service will appear in the Product/Service list when entering line items on an issue. If the Active checkbox is not checked, the product or service will no longer appear in the list. Products and Services are marked inactive rather than “deleted” in order to preserve your invoicing history. When all changes have been made, click “Update” to save the new information.

It is strongly recommended that Products/Services be “Deactivated” rather than Deleted to maintain the integrity of data in your system. Products/Services can be deactivated from the Edit Product/Services screen.