Issuetrak offers the ability to integrate a Chat add-on into your site to allow customers to more easily interact with you and/or your agents. The Chat add-on also allows you to create new issues in your Issuetrak site by generating a transcript of a chat session and creating an issue from it, thus ensuring that every detail of communication between you and your customer is documented!

Chat is added to your site as a small bit of JavaScript in one of the header files. Its appearance can be customized, including but not limited to: colors, fonts, invocation icon, and icon location. Different queues can be created and assigned to your agents depending on you and your customers' needs. Additionally, your agents have the ability to re-route chat sessions to other agents depending on their availability and specialization. 

Still wondering why you should get our Chat add-on?

  • Help your customers in real time while retaining the precision of text communication.
  • Quickly convert chats to issues using Incoming Email.
  • Allow your agents to chat with multiple customers concurrently as needed.

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