About Issue Types and Subtypes


Your system needs an overall structure for capturing and reporting issue-related information. This is accomplished by categorizing the issues being addressed through Issuetrak into:

  • Classes – general categories such as Change Requests, Incidents, Problems, Defects, Internal Issues, etc.
  • Issue Types – descriptive categories such as Product Support, Customer Relations, Shipping, IT, Operations, Administration, etc.
  • Subtypes – detailed sub-categories of specific issue types and higher level subtypes


Issue Class = Internal Issues

> Issue Type = Administration

>> Subtype level 1 = HR

>>> Subtype level 2 = Benefits

>>>> Subtype level 3 = Insurance

>>>>> Subtype level 4 = Qualifying Event

Issue Types are the only issue classification every system is required to use. Classes and/or Subtypes are optional.

All users can select an issue type on issues, but which issue type values are available to them depends on any Organization/Group Restrictions in place. However, all users can view all issue types in any reporting mechanisms available to them. This includes the Dashboard, which has an Open Issues by Issue Type panel.

When Subtypes are activated, all users can select a subtype on issues, but which subtype values are available to them depends on any Organization/Group Restrictions in place. However, all users can view all subtypes in any reporting mechanisms available to them.

As you decide which issue classifications to use in your system, keep in mind how the system responds to issues can be automated based on any of these values. This includes Auto Assignments, Email Distribution Lists and Escalation Rules. If using Incoming Email (IEM), the system can automatically determine issue types and subtypes (as well as Quick Pick values) based on Subject lines of incoming emails.

Issue Type and Subtype Organization/Group Restrictions

You may allow only members of certain organizations and/or groups to search and select specific issue type and subtype values (as well as Task, Task Group and Quick Pick values) through Organization/Group Restrictions.


Restrict the issue type IT to your organization. Then no customer or vendor accessing your site can view and select it on issues.

Restrict the subtype Server to your IT Group. Then no employee other than a member of IT can view and select it on issues.

Issue Type and Subtype Tooltips

You may define Tooltips for specific issue types and subtypes. This will allow you to include special messages using a tooltip link next to certain issue types and subtypes selected on issues. These links open the message in a popup window. HTML tags and hyperlinks are supported as tip content. Tooltips can be displayed to Agent users only on a case-by-case basis.


Include a tooltip for the issue type Operations that says: Maintenance requests are processed within 3 business days. If this request requires parts that must be ordered, it may take up to 2 weeks to process.

Include a tooltip for the subtype Printer that says: Please check the following: 1- Is it plugged in?, 2- Is it turned on?, 3-Does it have paper?, 4- Does it have ink? And 5- Are any warning lights blinking? If so, which one(s)?

Include a tooltip for the subtype QuickBooks that says: QB Technical Support – 800-555- 1212 and display this tip to Agent users only.