Managing Surveys

The main survey page displays a list of all surveys. All surveys are always in one of three states: Design, Open, or Closed. When a survey is first created, it is in Design mode while the owner creates the survey. Once a survey is ready to launch, it is launched either by clicking on the Launch button on the main survey design page, or by clicking the small “OPEN” button to the left of the survey in the survey list page.

Once a survey is launched, the status of the survey changes to Open. Note that a survey can be launched only if it contains at least one answerable question. A survey can be toggled between Open and Closed by using the small buttons to the left of each survey on the main list of surveys.

Once a survey is launched, it can be fully edited only when the survey does not have any responses. Once a single response is recorded for the survey, only limited modifications can be made to the survey. Editing the entire survey is no longer possible because changing the structure of a survey that has existing responses would cause the reporting to fail.

On the main list of surveys, a user can manage each survey using the buttons to the left and right of each survey in the list. From this page, the user can manage survey options, preview the survey, set the status of the survey, analyze the survey results, deploy a survey, and delete a survey.