Add to Home Screen (A2HS)

Add to Home Screen (A2HS) is an option that appears on the login screen of Issuetrak when viewed from a mobile browser.

As its name suggests, A2HS offers to add your Issuetrak site to your device's home screen for quick and easy access.

Have a look at this article for more information on mobile settings in Issuetrak.


In order for the prompt to appear:

  • Your site must be running Issuetrak 15.4 or above
  • Your site must be hosted via HTTPS
  • You must browse to the site via a mobile browser
  • You cannot have previously set the prompt to 'Never show again'
    • If you have done this, then it will be necessary to clear cookies/cache for the site before the prompt will appear again

How to Use A2HS

In order to use A2HS:

  1. Browse to your Issuetrak 15.4+ site from your mobile device.
  2. Along the top area of the site, look for a prompt to "Add site to Home Screen" and tap on it.
  3. A pop-up will appear and ask you to confirm whether the Install the app to your home screen. Tap Install.

    Note that no software is installed on your device - it effectively adds your Issuetrak site as an icon to your home screen.

You can now find the Issuetrak icon listed with the rest of the apps installed on your device.