About Groups


Multiple users that all need to interact with your Issuetrak system in the same way can be defined as a Group. Groups allow you to establish and control role-based Permissions collectively without manually granting individual users the same permissions over and over.

The use of Groups is optional. However, controlling common permission sets at the group level instead of the user level makes user administration easier and more consistent. In addition, Group Restrictions allow you to control access to specific Quick Picks, Issue Types, Tasks, Knowledge Base articles, and other values based on group membership(s).


  • Create a Managers group with permissions to run reports, view all issues and administrative information, as well as assign issues and tasks.
  • Create a Technicians and CSRs group with permissions to view and submit issues for other users, create and maintain Knowledge Base articles, as well as be assigned issues and tasks.
  • Create a Customers group with permissions to only view and submit their own issues and access your Knowledge Base.