Viewing the Incoming Email Log

There is an email log so that you can view a list of all messages processed by your IEM for the last seven days. Each message includes a system note as to what happened during processing. If the message was converted into an issue or note, the note will include a link to the issue. But if the message did not process, it tells you why, for example, a keyword violation, or an unknown user. Every message has a checkbox that allows you to trigger the re-processing of the message. You can view the log by navigating to Settings Lightbox > Incoming Email beneath Email > View Log on the right quick menu.


Parsing the View Log

You can sort, search and filter the View Log to get the information you need:


The View Log can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers that appear.

Searching and Filtering

The View Log can be filtered or searched by the following criteria:

  • Date Received (enter a date range)
  • Date Processed (enter a date range)
  • Account ID (of an IEM mailbox)
  • Status (of message processing)
  • Email Sender
  • Status
  • Subject
  • Attachments


Re-Processing Messages

It is possible to re-process any message displayed in the IEM View Log by checking the box next to the message and then clicking Retry Selected. You also have the option to batch re-process several messages at a time by checking multiple messages and then clicking Retry Selected. Note that if you choose the checkbox column to select all messages, only the messages currently displayed on the screen will be re-processed.

Note that if you attempt to retry processing for a number of messages exceeding your loop violation setting, you will get loop violation notices.

Additionally, for those messages that have had Retry Selected triggered against them, a status displaying how many times each message has been retried will appear to the right.