Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 11.3.1 Release Notes

release date: 5.20.2019

What's Changed
User Interface

▪ The permission "Can view and enter content in Private Optional Fields" has been changed to read "Can view and enter content in Private User Defined Fields". 

▪ The 'Reset' button on the "Task Manager" screen was next to the 'Save' button and could cause end user confusion, resulting in clearing changes to tasks instead of saving them.  The 'Reset' button has been adjusted to appear further to the right to make it harder to confuse with the 'Save' button. 

What's Fixed

Active Directory

▪ AD imports would fail if an AD user account's "State" field contained greater than 20 characters. 

Asset Management

▪ Agents with administrative access (but without Sys Admin) permissions were unable to see Assets that were assigned to internal-only organizations. 

▪ An error would appear when attempting to search for assets that had an asset registry ID (in the database) of greater than 32767. 

Business Rules

▪ Auto assignment rules with "Submitted Between" set were working for every minute of duration specified in the rule except for the last minute. 

Deployment Tools

▪ The IDU/IDM was damaging connection strings when parsing databases containing spaces. 

Exporting to Excel

▪ The error "Invalid SQL Parameters for generating Excel worksheet" appeared in Excel when attempting to export data to Excel using Internet Explorer. 


▪ It was not possible to discern the difference between active and inactive groups on the "Groups" screen. By default, only active groups will now appear on the "Groups" screen. A "Show/Hide Inactive Groups" option has been added above the column on the far right.

▪ Group display names could be created with spaces on either side of the group name, causing problems when searching for the group.  


▪ A line was struck through the "Notes" header when viewing issues that had that header present in their custom screens.  

Issue Search

▪ Agents with "User Admin" permission that attempted to search for organizations on the Issue Search page were getting no results displayed. 


▪ Notifications weren't being fired to all of the special functions users (if present) when notes were added. 

Outgoing Email

▪ Apostrophes were being doubled in recipient email addresses when emailing issues, KB articles, and surveys. 

▪ When using Internet Explorer, users encountered several problems with configuring Outgoing Email:  The Test Mail Server button didn't respond, Username/Password fields were displayed despite authentication being disabled, and it was not possible to turn Outgoing Email off. 

Report Writer

▪ The Report Writer was allowing users to run reports on UDFs they otherwise would not be able to see, which can potentially contain Personally Identifiable Information.

▪ Different results would display for a query depending on whether it was displayed in the product or exported to Excel.


▪ The product was allowing unauthenticated users to read dashboard chart data from the site.

Service Level Agreements

▪ When Service Level Agreements were enabled, the "First Response Time" field was not being updated when the first response occurred via incoming email.


▪ AD authenticated users were receiving the error "Invalid password entered" when attempting to complete secure tasks. 

▪ When users signed into Issuetrak using a differently-cased userid than stored in the database, they were prevented from reverting the status of tasks. 

▪ Tasks that were completed with "N/A" were changing to "Yes" once the task was edited.

▪ It was possible to create tasks with the same name in the product. 

User Defined Fields

▪ Issues were losing values in Yes/No UDFs when the issue type was changed to one that used a different custom screen. 


▪ Group memberships were showing duplicated on a user's profile after their user ID had been merged with another. 

▪ It was not possible to discern the difference between a user template and an end user account when the Users List was viewed.

▪ The default user template wasn't being used when choosing the "New Caller" option.

Known Issues

Security enhancements made to the product may impact behavior of plugins or extensions (such as Evernote and Grammarly).  A common example includes font-related errors pertaining to loading page content.  These errors are harmless and can be ignored.