Issuetrak Release Notes

We're ready to release Issuetrak 16.1 today! This is a quality of life release with various improvements, from license-related updates to a new toggle for identity management.

On-premises customers will be able to see two additions to the License screen:

  • Automatically apply license updates - This is a toggle to allow Issuetrak to periodically (every 24 hours, or sooner, if your core app pool cycles more frequently than 24 hours) check for updates to your license. It's disabled by default.
  • Request Additional Agents - If Outgoing Email is configured, then this button will be visible on the License screen. It allows you to request a change to your license.

We've also made an update to identity management:

  • The ability to reactivate previously deactivated users in your Issuetrak site (if you so choose!)

We've also included some bug fixes to round out the release.

Please keep reading to find out more!

What's New

Automatic License Updates

We've added a toggle to the License screen for on-premises customers: "Automatically apply license updates."

This new functionality allows you to determine whether your instance of Issuetrak should periodically check for updates to its license. We expect this to be useful in a variety of scenarios, but especially for sites that are being rapidly expanded and periodically need to add agents and / or features. This toggle is disabled by default.

Request Additional Agents

The License screen has a new "Request Additional Agents" button.

When you click on this button, it will communicate your request to Issuetrak's sales team via email. Your site ID and license information will be included in that communication to allow us to respond more quickly to your request.

The "Request Additional Agents" button will only appear if your site is configured to use outgoing email.

Identity Management

We've bolstered all of our supported third-party authentication methods with a toggle on the Features screen: "Allow user reactivation on login or import".

As you might guess, the purpose of this toggle is to reactivate users that were previously inactive if their identity provider user account status changes state from disabled to enabled. Reactivating an agent will fail if there aren't any available agents on your license.

An addititional "Notify on reactivation errors" field is located beneath the toggle. Its purpose is to set a contact in case reactivating an agent results in a license problem. If such a problem occurs, the user you have set in the field will receive an email notification about this problem.

If you set a "Notify" user, but do not have outgoing email configured, then the following warning will appear: "Outgoing Email is currently disabled. Notification emails will not be sent."

What's Fixed

List User Defined Fields

List UDFs would not display more than the first 25 rows from the database if all of the list items had a display order of 0.

If this sounds familiar (and it should!), that's because we fixed this in 16.0.2, but we've re-implemented the fix in a more efficient way in 16.1.

Report Writer

A 500 error would appear when attempting to run a report that utilized the Assets data set.

Scheduled Reports

  • Scheduled reports containing BIOS version information from asset audits would fail to be sent.
  • Scheduled reports containing an ampersand (&) in any of the filtered values would not contain any data in the delivered results.
  • Scheduled reports that were configured to use data groupings would send effectively blank reports.

Issuetrak 16.1.1 - Patch Release

release date: 9.12.2023

What's New

Report Writer

We've added a new Issue Forms / Custom Screens dataset to Report Writer.

What's Fixed


APIv1 POST and PUT operations involving SubTypeID were setting NULL values when they should have been zeroes.

Date Format

A 500 error would appear if a user attempted to submit an 8-digit (dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy) date format incorrectly.

Deployment Tools

The IDM would display "A production Site ID cannot be used to deploy a test site" when a nonexistent Site ID was entered.

Identity Management

AD imports would continue to process after Identity Management was removed from a site's licensed features.


Organization-specific logo previews would not display.

Outgoing Email

Outgoing email functionality will now properly establish and terminate a connection for every email communicated to the configured outgoing email server.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports that should have contained private notes were empty when they were sent to Sys Admins.

User Defined Fields

It was possible to close issues without setting the value in a required List (table driven) UDF field.

User Interface

The "Details" button next to "Assigned To" on issues wasn't working if the "Assigned To" user's phone number contained a single quote.