Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 11.8 Release Notes

release date: 11.22.2019

We are excited to release Issuetrak 11.8. This release delivers frequently requested improvements to the Report Writer, along with Issue Search and Scheduled Reports.

If you want to see these changes in a live Issuetrak environment, please visit and sign in with the credentials provided. 

What's New

We've incorporated enhancements to existing functionality:

Scheduled Reports
  • Scheduled reports can now be set to run at one-hour intervals.
    • In order to support this new ability, the Scheduled Reports Windows Scheduled Task has been changed to run on an hourly basis.
    • The new hourly scheduled reports can be set to run during specific hours each day.
  • Daily and weekly scheduled reports can now be set to run at a specific time.

Export to CSV

It is now possible to get information in CSV format from:

  • Issue Search:
    • Brief Output to CSV
    • Detailed Output to CSV
    • Export search results to CSV
  • Saved Searches:
    • Brief Output to CSV
    • Detailed Output to CSV
    • Export search results to CSV
  • Report Writer:
    • Queries
      • Query Results page
    • Reports
      • Report Results page
  • Scheduled Reports

Filtering by Relative Date Conditions

You can select rolling and relative date conditions in the Report Writer and Scheduled Reports for specified:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years

Longer Filter Statements
  • The Report Writer's filter statement field will now automatically adjust to the size of the content.

Data Set Enhancements
  • We've added "Task Completed/Total Ratio" to the Issues/Tasks data set in the Report Writer.
  • We've added the field "Location Created On" to every data set in the Report Writer where Location information can be found.
  • We've created a new data set (visible only to users with Administrator permissions) for Restrictions in the Report Writer. A query on Restrictions can display the items that are currently restricted in Issuetrak along with other relevant information.

What's Fixed

Asset Management

When Asset Management was enabled, it was not possible to sort Assets by serial number. 


Locations with a backslash \ in their name were causing 404 errors when issues were submitted that contained that location.

Summary Reports

Users were receiving 404 errors when clicking the Total number of issues links displayed in Summary Report results.


When attempting to use the "Email Survey" to email an individual survey result, the email was not being sent.

Upgrade Process


  • If you are an on-premises customer, you can learn more about the upgrade process here.
  • Before installing this update, please verify that your installation environment meets the latest system requirements.
  • If you utilize the Issuetrak RESTful API, it will be automatically updated when you upgrade Issuetrak.
  • You can download the latest version of Issuetrak here.


If you are a cloud customer, you can receive this update as needed to address reported issues and to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, the upgrade will be applied for you automatically to ensure the best possible Issuetrak experience. 

You may request the update for your site by: