Issuetrak Release Notes

Today we're introducing Issuetrak 15.7, and its focus is on Report Writer, UI changes, and bug fixes.

Report Writer is a great feature for getting information from your Issuetrak site. You can define as broad or as limited a scope as you'd like on that information, filter it, sort it, group it, and format it. You can even use Report Writer to send out reports on a scheduled basis so that you and your colleagues don't have to sign in and run such a report manually.

Until now, reports required you to go through three screens to build a query, followed by five more screens to build a report based on that query. We weren't taking advantage of screen real estate as well as we should have, and we decided that we could make this process much easier without losing any functionality.

We've updated Report Writer by condensing the necessary report-building steps onto just two screens! And in order for us to do that, we've done away with the separate query-related screens, and massively updated the screens relating to report creation. All of the formerly query-functionality is now rolled into reports. And in the process, we've managed to make it all easier!

Beyond Report Writer, we've also continued our progress of updating the UI, with this release focusing on the Billing module. Additionally, we've packed a bunch of bug fixes in, too!

What's New

Report Writer

The functionality of queries has been rolled into reports, and the whole process of creating a report has been streamlined.

In the past, report creation was effectively divided into two steps: creation of queries, and creation of reports.

Queries let you select the information you wanted through data sets, field selections and filtering. Reports built upon the query you created, and allowed you to group, sort, and filter that data. 15.7 does away with the separate systems, and makes it so that you can do all of the previous stuff on just two screens!

"Hey, what about my queries?" you might ask. Don't worry, we've saved them! When you upgrade your site, all queries get turned into reports so that they don't become orphaned.

And then, of course, there are other things outside of Report Writer that get affected by the removal of queries. Mass Updates, for example, now relies on reports to select the scope of data.

Exporting Reports

You know something else that's pretty great? We've added the ability to export reports straight from the Select Report screen. You don't even have to run the report and see the results first! Simply click Export and then select Excel or CSV output, and you'll download the results in the format you selected.


In addition to the changes listed above, we're also adding new functionality to the Report Writer's filtering mechanism: When you select Days, Weeks, Months, or Years, you can select either "Within the Last" or "Within the Next" to perform past and future searches.

User Interface

We've continued our progress on making the user interface consistent across the product. With this release, we have focused on updating the Billing module.

  • All of the page content has been left-aligned where it was previously centered or just off-center
  • Section headers have been added in some areas where they previously didn't exist
  • Page headers and section headers are sized differently
  • Section headers are now accompanied by a horizontal rule to help administrators better differentiate between settings
  • Each option label has been made bold for greater emphasis
  • Where applicable, each option's summary text has been bundled with section headers before the accompanying horizontal rule

Outgoing Email

We've added extensive trace and error logging to Office 365 OEM functionality to make troubleshooting easier.

What's Changed

Report Writer

  • The "Queries / Reports" data set has been changed to "Configuration / Reports."
  • We've capped the "Number of records displayed per page" option on the Report Writer Settings screen at 500 records per page.
  • Report Writer was not giving expected search results containing ProjectID fields in reports.
What's Fixed

API v1

  • Issues submitted via API v1 would trigger any configured "Unassigned Issue" notifications even though the issues were auto-assigned immediately after submission.
  • Issue searches conducted via API v1 would time out if performed against 100+ issues with several notes present.

Asset Management

There was a difference in the software information gathered between ScanPC and ScanPC Legacy.


The error "No Token Found!" would appear when opening issues from the Dashboard on a site with CSRF tokens enabled.

Identity Management

  • During LDAP user imports, departments were being removed from user accounts if there were no departments mapped to those users.
  • An error would appear when trying to add a new AD Federation Services provider with FIPS enabled.

Incoming Email

  • IEM tokens for Date UDFs were being mishandled when the date format was set to dd/mm/yyyy.
  • When a keyword containing an apostrophe was added, IEM would still create an issue containing apostrophes from the source email into the site.
  • The "Notify on Error" field wasn't saving text entered into it when the mailbox settings were saved.


  • Some organizations were not being found in the type-ahead search field on the Issue Submit screen.
  • The functionality of drag-and-drop columns for organization memberships was behaving incorrectly at times when users had at least 201 organization memberships.


  • It was possible for a user account to be given conflicting permissions when added to different groups.
  • Users created by IEM were not getting the permissions that they should have, which prevented them from being able to log in.

Report Writer

  • Report Writer reports that included the Article Text field would display incorrectly.
  • All fields would be removed from the "Selected Fields" column if a user clicked the Next button during the construction of a report.
  • Scheduled reports that should have contained no results would instead show three strange and uninformative characters when the report was in CSV format.
  • Creating any Report Writer report where the field "First Response Time (Minutes)" is used for grouping would cause a 500 error.

User Interface

  • When a user's session timed out while trying to get to a page in Issuetrak, they would be redirected to their Issuetrak homepage instead of the page they were trying to get to when they logged back in.
  • The Issue Template List would display single quotes twice when they shouldn't have.
  • An error would appear when trying to add restrictions to an issue template in a site with many thousands of organizations.