Issuetrak Release Notes

16.4 is here for our February release! We're introducing a couple of new features, and keeping the product sharp with the inclusion of a bunch of bug fixes. Let's dig in.

You might recall that we released Quick Notes with 16.3. But we're already bolting new stuff onto it! We've added the ability for you to include attachments with your Quick Notes. What does that mean? It means that you can create and modify your Quick Notes so that an attachment gets added when you apply the Quick Note to an issue.

We've also added the ability to print the content of the issue description field, as well as individual notes. Every note entry on the View Issue screen has a print icon next to it. Clicking on the icon will immediately show you a preview screen displaying the note content (including formatting), and you can choose to make final adjustments prior to printing the note. We've envisaged this feature as being used in conjunction with Quick Notes for the purpose of sending acknowledgements or other standardized messages to customers. If you've ever wanted to print a note so that you can mail it to one of your customers, then this feature is for you!

Lastly, we're including bug fixes for several items, from Asset Management to Security to Tasks, and more.

Let's get into the details!

What's New

Quick Note Attachments

We just introduced Quick Notes with 16.3, and now here we are with 16.4 and some newly-added functionality for that feature!

Our Support team - and perhaps yours, too - has noted that sometimes, you want to include more than just text information with Quick Notes. Sometimes, you might want to include a screencap to show someone how to navigate or what to look for. Or maybe you need to provide a document for your customer to fill out and send back.

Now you can add attachments to your Quick Notes, and when you use them on an issue they'll get added to the issue in addition to your notes.

This can be a useful thing to have in cases where you have a Quick Note that is already being used as a means to introduce an attachment, such as: "Hey [Submitter], thanks for reaching out! Yes, we can make a bulk data load into your Issuetrak instance. We've attached a template for you to fill out with the data. You'll find instructions in the spreadsheet. Please fill this out and send it back to us when you're ready, and let us know when it's a good time to apply it to your database. Have a great day!"

Print Notes

We've made it possible to print individual notes from issues. Printed notes contain all the same formatting that appears on the View Issue screen, but without any of the metadata. We've made this feature for the purpose of making it easier for our customers to use Quick Notes to send acknowledgements and notifications to their customers via snail mail.

Click here to see the documentation about this feature in our Help Center.

Release Notifications

The dismissable banner on the Home screen that we introduced in 16.3 to notify On-Premise customers that a new version is available has been implemented for Cloud customers as well. Only agents will see the banner, and it will link to the latest release notes instead of a downloadable link to the latest distribution.

What's Changed

Rich Text Editor

We've made changes to the RTE as a part of our efforts to implement Quick Note Attachments.

  • If you select a Quick Note containing attachments, then the user interface beneath the RTE will display that there are attachments pending the next save of the issue or knowledge base article that you're working on.
  • The pending attachments can be downloaded or deleted at any time before saving the issue.
  • Depending on the configuration of your site, the pending attachments will appear below the "Private Note" checkbox and the "Labor Hours" field if those features are enabled.
What's Fixed

Asset Management

There was no way to add a note to Non-PC assets.

Billing Module

Adding a note via the Add / Edit Line Items screen in the Billing Module was not sending notifications.

Deployment Tools

The license request file that was generated by the IDM did not contain the information necessary to denote that an upgrade was in progress.


Creating a group without a group ID would result in the error "Add group failed, please try again" being displayed (although it would not prevent the creation of the group).

Identity Management

New users created from AD Federation Services were assigned a number rather than their SamAccountName as the UserID.


  • Notes that were entered on the issue close screen were not being added to the closed issue notification.
  • Subscribers that had been added to a Location were being removed when the Location's ID was changed.


When "Organization - Address Line 2" was added to an Issue form, and the user viewed an issue that included the field, it would appear with the label "Organization - Address Line 1".


  • Issues created in a Project would get unlinked from the project when a note was added to the issue.
  • End users with Can view and maintain all projects permission could not see all projects.


  • Reports in Report Writer that had apostrophes in the title would see the apostrophes duplicated each time the report was saved.
  • The "Day of Week" field in the "Configuration / Scheduled Issues" dataset would not show the day(s) selected for Weekly or Biweekly scheduled issues.
  • Sys Admins would not receive scheduled reports if another user was added to the report via email address.
  • Reports that looked at the Issue Change Log would have incorrect values if HTML was used in an issue's notes and was included in the report.
  • Scheduled reports that contained at least one grouped field and either a count or sum field would have the "Totals" line formatted as black text on a black background.

Round Robin

After user changes are made to a Round Robin group, Round Robin would sometimes assign the next issue to "(blank)".


We've made a few security remediations in this release for the following security scan findings:

  • JQuery version disclosure
  • Bootstrapjs version disclosure
  • Lodash version disclosure
  • RequireJS version disclosure


From now on, if a task that changes substatus is completed by a user who cannot modify the substatus on an issue, the substatus will change and note the user as the one who changed it, regardless of permissions.


The "Task Available" notifications weren't firing when a task had been reassigned.