Issuetrak Release Notes

We're releasing Issuetrak 16.5 today, and it's got a few new features that you've been requesting!

A fair chunk of you have been looking forward to this release for its main focus: Multiple asset selections on issues! This is something we've gotten a lot of requests for, and we've put a lot of work into it. But we didn't constrain ourselves to just that one thing. We've taken some additional time to add refinements, bolt-ons, and some other nice-to-haves related to it, such as:

  • Custom asset labels
  • Filterable dropdowns for assets
  • A new lightbox for selecting and filtering assets
  • Preventative maintenance via Scheduled Issues for Asset Management
  • And more!

We'll talk more about the Asset Management related changes further down.

Another nice feature we're adding with this release is the ability to add custom HTML and JavaScript to your site. This is available as a text box on the Features screen.

And we're including some additional non-Asset Management-related stuff, too, such as bug fixes, and upgrading some of our software dependencies.

What's New

Asset Management

We've got a lot of changes in store for you, including:

  • Multiple assets on issues
  • Custom asset labels
  • A new lightbox on the Edit Issue screen for selecting, searching, and filtering assets
  • Support for searching for multiple assets via the Issue Search screen
  • Support for multiple assets on scheduled issues
  • Support for multiple assets on issue templates
  • Asset issue history

What else can you expect to see?

  • Support for asset-related actions on issues to API v1
  • Asset-related SLA logic has been adjusted: In the case where multiple assets would apply to 1 or more SLAs, the SLA with the shortest response time should be taken. Or, in the case of a tie, it should take the agreement that was created first.

Embedded Code

We've added the ability for you to add JavaScript and HTML embed code into your site for various purposes. This is perfect for customers wishing to embed chat clients, analytics tools, or marketing automation platforms like HubSpot.

What's Changed

Rich Text Editor

  • We've upgraded the underlying software for the Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE) to version 7.0.
  • We've added the "Courier New" monospace font as an available selection within the RTE, as well as the default RTE font on the System Defaults screen.
What's Fixed


Users would see "Invalid Input" error when viewing the "Open Issues By Asset Dashboard" report while in the mobile version of their Issuetrak site.

Issue Hub

The "Substatus" column was incorrectly sorted on the Issue Hub screen.

Issue Search

On the Issue Search screen, the labels for the Custom Records search fields were not showing.


Vietnamese characters weren't being processed, stored, or displayed properly.

Mass Updates

There were some latency problems with getting a mass update or mass delete preview.


Improvements to caching should see performance increases across the product.


The Export button on the Select Report screen would not work when CSRF protection was enabled.