Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 11.6.2 Release Notes

release date: 10.21.2019

We are excited to release Issuetrak 11.6.2. The main focus of our latest release is a complete rewrite of the Incoming Email subsystem, improvements to the Rich Text Editor, and numerous bugfixes.

If you want to see these changes in a live Issuetrak environment, please visit and sign in with the credentials provided. 

What's New

We've incorporated enhancements to existing functionality:

New Configuration Options
  • New configuration options have been added to the Edit Mailbox screen to govern how IEM processes emails containing recipients in the CC field.
  • IEM will add AD users to issue distribution lists if they are CC'd as recipients on emails processed by Issuetrak.

Formatting Improvements
  • We've resolved problems related to extra spacing that appeared in certain issues processed via IEM.
  • Plaintext messages composed from Outlook or OWA will now be processed into issues containing the proper line breaks. 

Email Domain Matching

A new field called "IEM Email Domain" has been added to Organization records.  This field is used by IEM to determine the organization that an email sender should be assigned to (if the mailbox is configured to derive domain from sender address).

  • Additionally, the new field has been added to all datasets containing Organization data in the Report Writer, allowing this information to easily be queried. 
  • The "WWW Address" Organization field will remain, but has been renamed to "Web Address" and is no longer taken into account when IEM processes email.  The contents of this field will not be copied over to the new "IEM Email Domain" field.

Enhanced Loop Protection
  • IEM now requires "Delete after processing" for POP email accounts. This setting cannot be unchecked
    • If you did not have this selected prior to upgrading to 11.6, then previous messages will be deleted. 
    • If you wish to keep a copy of your existing emails, you will need to configure your environment to do so prior to upgrading.  Please do not use your Inbox as your email archive. 
  • Issuetrak will avoid processing emails that had been processed prior to upgrading or changing a mailbox to POP. 

Improved Logging
  • The IEM View Log within the application has been improved to provide much more detail when an error is encountered.
  • The log retention period has been extended from 3 to 7 days.
  • Upgrading to 11.6 will clear the existing in-application IEM View Log

More Informative Error Notifications
  • IEM's "Notify on Error" capability has been bolstered with the addition of new and full error messages to assist in troubleshooting problems with processing incoming email. 
    • Active mailboxes in a damaged state will send a Notify on Error message every time IEM attempts to process the mailbox.  

Better Token Access Control

IEM now processes email tokens in a more predictable way:

  • When IEM processes an email containing tokens directed at a Global Issue, it will now ensure that the issue does not have "Override default field update settings for linked Issues" selected prior to executing the tokens against the issue.
  • Tokens are now applied to the issue under the originating message sender's userid, rather than under the GlobalIssue userid as before.
  • Close Issue tokens are validated against the submitting userid's visibility and close permissions before being executed.

Updated User Interface
  • We've been steadily updating the UI throughout the Administrative areas of the product, and the screens relating to Incoming Email are the latest to receive the UI updates.

Smarter User Account Matching
  • Prior to 11.6, if an email was sent from an email address that is shared in common with multiple users, then the first matching user was added to the issue the email was for.  Starting with 11.6, the first matching user that has visibility on the issue will be selected for this scenario. 

Rich Text Editor
  • We've upgraded the underlying software for our Rich Text Editor to enhance the user experience:
    • The default size of RTE fields was increased.
    • Every RTE field will now auto-resize to allow a much larger view of the editable content.  This is most evident in KB articles, Issue Note and Description fields. 
    • The 'Insert Table' functionality has been improved so that new tables are recognizable and edited more easily.

What's Changed

We have dropped support for Exchange 2010 and earlier

Microsoft has marked Exchange 2010 as end-of-life, and we are following suit.  If you are still processing email that is hosted from Exchange 2010, we would recommend that you ensure Issuetrak can connect to the mailbox(es) via IMAP to avoid any downtime. 

IEM no longer runs as a Windows Service, but as a Scheduled Task. *

The IEM scheduled task doesn't rely on EmailConfiguration.xml to provide connection strings, and instead gets its connection strings from the Core site's web.config. 

* This change only affects On-Premises customers.

What's Fixed

We've corrected some unintended behavior.

  • Administrators would receive an error when attempting to add an organization containing a date UDF to Issuetrak. 


IEM was not taking into account:

  • Whether a user with "Can close issues" permission also had the permission "Limit to Issues submitted by this user" when closing issues.
  • Whether a user had access to an issue prior to executing a "Close Issue" email token.  Users issuing a "Close Issue" token are now inspected by IEM to determine whether they have the ability to access the issue prior to executing the "Close Issue" email token. 
  • Whether a user had permission to edit issues prior to executing any email token allowing priority, substatus, or UDFs to be changed on an issue.  Users issuing any tokens for the aforementioned fields are now inspected by IEM to determine whether they have the "Can edit issues" permission prior to executing the email token. 
  • Whether a user had "Can view Issues Submitted by other users" prior to executing any email token allowing Next Action, Assigned To, priority, substatus, or UDFs to be changed on an issue.  Users issuing any tokens for the aforementioned fields are now inspected by IEM to determine whether they have access to the issue they are submitting a token for prior to executing the email token. 

Special Characters
  • IEM was failing to look up user accounts when their email address contained a single quote.
  • Emails from sender addresses containing dashes were not being processed correctly by IEM, resulting in incorrect email addresses and userids being recorded when IEM was configured to create new users.
  • Issues submitted via IEM and containing less-than (<) and greater-than (>) characters in the original email subject had those same characters removed in the resulting Issue's subject.
  • Issues submitted via IEM and containing the less-than (<) character in the original email body had that character and all subsequent text removed within the Issue's Description field.
  • CC'd recipients on emails in IEM containing dashes were not being processed correctly by IEM, resulting in incorrect email addresses and userids being recorded when IEM was configured to create new users.
  • IEM would fail to process emails when it was configured to use a Quick Pick containing a slash in its name.

Incorrect or Missing Information
  • Emails containing nested MimeParts were not processed correctly by IEM, resulting in issues being created that contained blank Description fields.
  • IEM would fail to process email when certain Parameters were deleted from the site. 
  • When IEM was configured to use a Quick Pick with an assigned task, it was found that the email notifications to the task assignee did not contain all of the information normally associated with the @IssueDetails token.
  • When IEM was set to only accept email from existing Issuetrak or AD users and  "Notify on Error" was configured properly, it was found that messages from non-Issuetrak/AD users would trigger the error notification, but the application's IEM logging wouldn't contain any error associated with the message.
  • When multiple UDF email tokens were specified and processed by IEM, it was found that the value for the second token would appear in the first token.  Upon editing the issue, the values would be corrected by the system.

  • IEM would process emails generated by ancilliary services (such as phone or monitoring systems) containing attachments, but the resulting issues did not contain the attachments.
    • As a result of this being resolved, you may see an increase in the number of attachments for issues.
  • Non-deliverable messages containing attachments were being processed by IEM into issues without the attachments.

  • IEM auto-assignments weren't occurring when the user to be auto-assigned was a Sysadmin.

Inactive Mailboxes
  • IEM was connecting to mailboxes marked as Inactive in Issuetrak.  The new IEM scheduled task will ignore inactive IEM mailboxes.

Rich Text Editor
  • When the Rich Text was enabled and the font size set to anything other than 12, the first line of any note or Description field in an issue was size 12, while the rest of the text was in the size set for Rich Text in System Defaults. 
  • The Rich Text Editor's table functionality was very difficult to use due to the way tables were rendered. 
  • The Rich Text Editor would lose its left border at 75% zoom in Chrome, Edge and IE. 
Upgrade Process


If you are an on-premises customer, you can learn more about the upgrade process here.

Before installing this update, please verify that your installation environment meets the latest system requirements.

If you utilize the Issuetrak RESTful API, it will be automatically updated when you upgrade Issuetrak.


If you are a cloud customer, you can receive this update as needed to address reported issues and to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, the upgrade will be applied for you automatically to ensure the best possible Issuetrak experience.

You may also request the update for your site by contacting our Support Team at 888-789-8725 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1351 (International), or

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However, please keep in mind that a user must have at least one of the following permissions in order to access both Admin & User Guide content directly through their Online Help interface:

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