Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 15.3 is our end-of-July release, and it brings several updates to the look-and-feel of the product, as well as some bug fixes.

Today we are bringing Surveys in from the cold! We've updated the styling of the Surveys add-on so that it matches the rest of the product. This has been on our to-do list for a long time. For those of you that are familiar with our Surveys add-on, you will no doubt remember that it has always had a unique look-and-feel from everything else. We've made it so that the user experience is much more consistent and responds appropriately to the Dark Mode setting.

On the subject of user experience: We have also continued our work on making other areas of the product have a consistent appearance. Our focus for this work is on the pop-up windows that appear for selecting users, searching for groups, and serving many other functions.

Additionally, we are including some performance improvements and bug fixes with this release.

Keep reading to find out more!

What's New

User Interface Enhancements

We have been incrementally updating the user interface of Issuetrak over the past couple of years to not only improve the user experience, but to standardize the general look-and-feel. Pop-up windows and the Surveys add-on are the latest 'victims' in our quest to maintain a consistent user experience.

General UI Changes

  • All of the page content has been left-aligned where it was previously centered or just off-center
  • Section headers have been added in some areas where they previously didn't exist
  • Page headers and section headers are sized differently
  • Section headers are now accompanied by a horizontal rule to help administrators better differentiate between settings
  • Each option label has been made bold for greater emphasis
  • Where applicable, each option's summary text has been 'bundled' with section headers before the accompanying horizontal rule
What's Changed

SQL Performance Improvements

We've made changes to the backend processing that should result in general improvements to SQL performance.

What's Fixed

Incoming Email

We're fixing two bugs in the Incoming Email feature of our product.


The Incoming Email functionality did not accept double-byte characters that are commonly added to emails when they are being forwarded or replied to. Additionally, some email clients would improperly 'translate' these double-byte characters so that they appear as double question marks instead of their original characters. We have adjusted Issuetrak so that both the double question marks and the Chinese characters are processed appropriately.

The list of subject line prefixes that we have added is below:

  • ??:
  • İLT:
  • ΑΠ:
  • ΠΡΘ:
  • ΣΧΕΤ:
  • הועבר:
  • השב:
  • إعادةتوجيه:
  • رد:
  • பதில்:
  • முன்னனுப்பு:
  • 回复:
  • 回覆:
  • 轉寄:
  • 转发:

Cascade Failure to Process Emails

If an O365 mailbox failed to connect or authenticate, then all subsequent mailboxes configured in IEM would not be processed.

Outgoing Email

Outgoing email functionality will now properly establish and terminate a connection for every email communicated to the configured outgoing email server.


We've found and fixed two XSS (Cross Site Scripting) related bugs that could have allowed arbitrary JavaScript code to be executed on an Issuetrak site.