Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 14.1 Dark Mode, Office 365 Integration for Incoming Email & Click-to-Dial

release date: 5.25.2021

We are excited to release Issuetrak 14.1 today.  Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Dark Mode - A setting to transform Issuetrak's overall look to reduce eye strain
  • Office 365 Integration for Incoming Email - You can now update your existing mailboxes to use our new, more secure and performant Office 365 integration
  • Click-to-Dial Links - Phone numbers are now clickable links that will dial using your PC's default VoIP software on many pages throughout the product, including (but not limited to) these screens: 
    • View Issue
    • Organizations List
    • Users List
    • Location List
We are also including bug fixes for search results not displaying properly, custom links not being sorted alphabetically, and a problem with printing issues. 
What's New

Dark Mode

If you have a sensitivity to bright colors dominating your screen or you tend to use your devices in a dark room, then Dark Mode is for you.  You can enable Dark Mode after upgrading by logging in, clicking your username in the upper right corner, and then choosing Enable Dark Mode.  Your eyes will thank you!

Office 365 Integration for Incoming Email

We've noticed increasing usage of Office 365 for processing Incoming Email in Issuetrak.  Although Office 365 has its own protocol for retrieving email, Issuetrak has only provided POP3, IMAP and Exchange protocols to use with IEM.  Beginning with 14.1, you now have an option for Office 365 so that you can use its native protocol with Issuetrak. This will allow you to convert your current IEM mailboxes to use Office 365 integration, which offers several strengths over the other available protocols.

Benefits include:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased security
  • Improved flexibility
  • Modern authentication

Click-to-Dial Links

We have added the ability to click phone numbers in our product, and have them start your PC's VoIP software of choice to initiate phone calls.  This is a very convenient feature to have for anyone who regularly uses VoIP, as it eliminates the need to manually dial a number in most situations!

What's Changed

Last Login Attempt

The "Last Login Attempt" link that was on the Dashboard screen is now only visible on the My Settings screen.

What's Fixed

Printing Issues

Only the first page was printed when attempting to print an issue that should have resulted in multiple pages.

Search Results

Search results would display in a "squashed" table under certain circumstances, resulting in a poor user experience with reading search results.

Custom Links

Custom links weren't being sorted alphabetically when they had the same display order.

Note Sprawl

It was possible for an issue containing a large amount of text in the description or notes to force a user to scroll to the right to view all of the notes.

Upgrade Process


  • If you are an on-premises customer, you can learn more about the upgrade process here.
  • Before installing this update, please verify that your installation environment meets the latest system requirements.
  • You can get the latest version of Issuetrak here.
  • If you utilize the Issuetrak RESTful API, it will be automatically updated when you upgrade Issuetrak.


If you are a cloud customer, you can receive this update as needed to address reported issues and to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, the upgrade will be applied for you automatically to ensure the best possible Issuetrak experience. 

You may request the update for your site by: