Email Tokens


When an email is received, you have the ability to include tokens in the body of an email that will change the value of an issue field. Once configured, these tokens require the incoming email to include [[TokenIdentifier:NewValue]], so that [[ precedes the name identifier of the token, which is followed by a colon, the new value for that field, and a final ]].

Basic user fields have tokens already created that can be edited or deactivated. All user-defined fields are able to have tokens created, then subsequently edited, deactivated or deleted.

There is one Command Token that allows you to close an issue via email. This appears at the bottom of the page with two predefined values. It can also be edited or deactivated.

The new value included in the email must match an existing value for that field. For example, if you want to change the Substatus value to In Process;. First, Substatus must be activated with In Process as a value, then the token must be configured to accept changes, then in the body of the email, you would include [[Substatus:In Process]].

For values involving a user, the new value must be that user’s ID. So if you wanted to change the assignment of the issue to John Smith with a user ID of jsmith and you had your assign issue token set to Assign, you would include [[Assign:jsmith]] in the body of an email.


Managing Email Tokens

To set up your email tokens:


  1. Navigate to Administration > Incoming Email > Email Tokens.
  2. A list of predefined field tokens will appear at the top of the screen.
  3. (Optional) Click edit beside the token to modify any of these values.
  4. For any of your user-defined fields, select the field you want to create a token for from the UDF dropdown list.
  5. Input a name for the token in the Token Identifier field. This is the value that will be included in the email.
  6. Click Add.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.

To deactivate tokens:


  1. Navigate to Administration > Incoming Email > Email Tokens.
  2. Uncheck the appropriate token in the Activecolumn.

The message TokenName deactivated will appear just under the list of tokens, then disappear after a brief moment.

Tokens can only be used by users with the appropriate permissions. For example, if a user without permission to assign issues attempts the use the assignment token, the issue will not be assigned.