Setting Report Writer Defaults

Administrators can change your site’s Report Writer defaults and settings from Reports > Report Writer > Settings.

Format Types specify how data will be displayed. Each field in the Issuetrak system has a corresponding data type. For example, the Issue Number is a Number data type and the Total Hours is an Hour data type. You can set the default format, justification, and width for each data type.

Data Type Format Description
Number Whole number values with no decimals:
• General (3456),
• Standard (3,456) - includes thousands separator,
• Percent (123%)
Decimal Number values with two decimal places to the right:
• General (3456.78)
• Standard (3,456.78) - includes thousands separator
• Currency ($3,456.78) - includes thousands separator and dollar sign
• Percent (123.00%)
Yes/No Typically used for permissions fields:
• General (True/False)
• Standard (Yes/No)
Date: • Long (Sunday, June 19, 2015),
• Medium (19 Jun 2015)
• Short (6/19/2015)
String All character fields under 1000 characters: No formatting options are available for this data type
Large String All character fields 1000 characters and over: No formatting options are available for this data type
Hour General (HH), Standard (HH:MM)
Justification The default justification within the column on reports: Center, Left, or Right.
Width The default width of the column on the report: The unit of measure is pixels.
Maximum number of records returned For the most efficient performance, the maximum number of records will be limited to this setting when running a report. When exceeded, only the records below this setting will be returned.
Number of records printed per page
(Unlimited=0 [zero])
When printing a report, this setting determines how many records will be printed per page. If set to zero, all records within the maximum allowed will be printed continuously. This setting pertains only to reports.
Number of records displayed per page
(Maximum value = 500)
When displaying a report, this setting determines how many records will be displayed per page.