Activating AD within Issuetrak


When the Active Directory Module is included in your license key, it still needs to be activated in order to be used. Only users with the “Sys Admin” parameter can activate the module.



Click on the Gear icon, then go to Features in the left hand submenu.


Select "Integrate/Authenticate users with Active Directory” in the ‘Active Directory’ section.


(Optional) Select “Allow single sign on functionality”.


(Optional) Select “Update existing AD users on login”. This will check for and update the user each time they log into Issuetrak.


Click Update to save the new settings.


The message “Parameters successfully updated” will show at the top of the page and an Active Directory menu option will now appear in the Administration menu.

If you are using Issuetrak in the cloud, single sign on is not available.

Immediately after the AD Module is activated, you must activate the “No AD Authentication” parameter within the user record of any Issuetrak user who will be performing preparation and/or configuration tasks. Without this parameter, configuration users risk potential lockout. This parameter tells Issuetrak not to authenticate a user by AD. It only appears once the AD Module is activated.


Navigate to Administration > Users > List All or Administration > Users > Search (whichever screen you work in most comfortably).


Locate the user record of the configuration user.


Click the edit link that appears next to the user ID.


Select “No AD Authentication” in the ‘Parameters’ section of the Edit User screen.


Click Update to save the new parameter.


The message “User successfully updated” will appear when the record has been updated. Repeat these steps for each user involved in the configuration process. Once configuration is complete, this parameter may be removed. Any user with the “Sys Admin” parameter or “Can access and maintain Administration functions” can update the user.

Additionally, if you have any non-AD users already entered in your site, you can activate the “No AD Authentication” parameter for them at any time. They will be locked out until that parameter is set.

If you have a large number of non-AD users to be updated, please contact our Support team for assistance at 757-213-1351, or

Applies To:

Issuetrak 10.1