Saved Searches


Saved Searches are quick and easy reports generated from criteria entered on the Search Issues screen. Once Saved, a Search can be run anytime with the most current data or delivered at regular intervals to select users via email in Excel or html format as a Scheduled Report from the Reports menu.

Saved Searches may also be Shared, making them accessible to other users. However, users that are members of Internal Only Organizations or Departments can only see Shared Searches created by other users within the same Organization or Department.

To create a Saved Search, select the Search Issues menu option. Enter the criteria you require on the search screen displayed. In the Search Output Options section at the bottom of the screen, enter a title for the new Saved Search in the Search Title field, select the appropriate output, define sort values, etc. Select Share if you would like the Saved Search available to all users. Then click Save New Search to the bottom right of the screen.

You will receive a warning that you are about to save your search criteria. Click OK when prompted, ’Search Title…’ will be saved as a new search. Continue? If you have created a Shared search, click OK when prompted, ’Search Title…’ will be saved as a new search. Continue?

The Saved Search will then be available in the Reports menu > Saved Searches, or accessible via the Search Issues screen by clicking the Retrieve Saved Searches link that appears at the bottom right. A shortcut to the new Saved Search will also be sent to the My Issues page in the My Reports tab.

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+